Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 12 — Joanna Kicks Lisa Out of Her Wedding!
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Real Housewives of Miami

Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 12 — Joanna Kicks Lisa Out of Her Wedding!

Joanna and Lisa go at it on this week’s explosive Real Housewives of Miami! In our recap, Joanna kicks Lisa out of her bridal party after Lisa bickers with Lea. Frankly, we're just relieved that no one got smacked with a handbag and run down with a Ferrari.

Joanna's In Over Her Head

Tonight’s Season 3, Episode 12 begins with Joanna in full-on panic mode as her wedding quickly approaches. She realizes she has too many guests coming, and her wedding budget is getting ridiculously over-budget. On top of that, Romain and Marta aren’t answering her calls. All in all, that leads to an unhappy Joanna.

Alexia Echevarria invites Adriana De Moura and Lisa Hochstein over to her home, as the newly married Adriana shows off her wedding ring. Lisa discusses her time in Texas with Lea and her family, with Lisa calling Lea the “black sheep” among her family. We also realize that Alexia doesn’t know what the phrase “black sheep” means.

It’s time for Lea’s handbag launch party, which means things are about to get bad. Really bad. Lisa tells Joanna that Lea is mad at her, but Joanna doesn’t appreciate that Lisa is forcing Lea to make peace with Adriana. Joanna says Adriana gives Joanna dirty looks, at which point Lisa is surprised that Joanna and Adriana are still on the outs.

Don't Go There

Then, Joanna erupts after Lisa calls her “delusional.” First, Joanna says "don't go there" about a thousand times, and then she unleashes a slew of f-bombs and tells Lisa she’s out of her bridal party. Yikes. Lisa flees, and the other ladies try to comfort her outside, but Lisa quickly gets in her car. Lisa also tells us that she wants to punch people in the face. Take cover!

Later, we see Joanna meet with Romain. She tells him that she's feeling overwhelmed by the wedding plans and that, with Marta not around, he needs to start helping out. Seems like a reasonable request. Then, Romain says he's worried that Joanna took out her wedding stress on Lisa. Romain may have a point!

Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 12 — Joanna Kicks Lisa Out of Her Wedding!
Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Lisa Wins!

It's time for Lea to show off her fabulously redecorated home during her ballroom party. Joanna and Adriana chat at the party, and the two are surprisingly civil, but Lisa seems reluctant to say anything to them. Finally, Joanna and Lisa sit down to talk and work out their issues, with Joanna copping to being stressed that Marta isn't coming to her bachelorette party. Luckily, Lisa accepts Joanna's offer to be a bridesmaid again. Phew!

Now, it's Adriana and Lea's turn to make nice. Despite some tension with Lea and Lisa, as Lisa tells Alexia that Lea wants to be the "head bitch" — calm down, Lisa! — Adriana and Lea finally find a quiet place to talk. Adriana feels badly about her involvement in the issue with Ana Quincoces, and Lea says she's devastated to not be friends with Adriana. So they agree to put the past behind them. Hooray! And Lisa has never been happier.

Finally, Joanna talks to Adriana and invites her to her wedding, which Adriana accepts. Adriana seems genuinely grateful for this invite, so we're hopeful that these two really can be friends someday.

Our Overall Thoughts

Okay, so this was one heckuva stressful episode. In the end, it was great to see Joanna own up to losing her temper with Lisa, and to see Lea and Adriana try to make things right. That said, there are rumors that Lisa and Joanna's tension persists to this day, so we're not entirely sure that they really resolved anything. Still, it's nice that Lisa is back in the bridal party and that her efforts to help Adriana and Lea paid off.

But next week seems like another intense episode, with bachelorette shenanigans and limo fights. In other words, savor tonight's upbeat ending to the episode while it lasts, people.