Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 19 — “A Curious Thing”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 19 — “A Curious Thing”

Two hearts for the price of one! In tonight's Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 19 (“A Curious Thing”), Henry finds a little reading material, Charming is heartless, and Glinda offers a helping hand.

Book 'Em

The episode begins with Regina in a shockingly good mood after a makeout sesh with Robin Hood (but who can blame her?). Regina tells her pals that she is puzzled as to what Zelena could have given up in order to cast the curse. She also realizes that Henry needs to get his memories back if they want any chance of defeating Zelena.

Our heroes need to find Henry’s storybook, which is easier said than done. It’s not at Gold’s shop, but Snow checks the closet, and it magically appears. If only we could navigate our own closets that successfully. However, Emma isn’t so sure she wants Henry’s memories to come back, since she still wants to whisk him away to the Big Apple.

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 19 — “A Curious Thing”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

Kiss the Curse Goodbye

Hook begins the episode in the trunk of a car (happens to the best of us, right?), since Zelena isn’t pleased that he hasn’t cursed Emma with his kiss yet. Hook convinces Henry that he can help him escape to NYC, but the flying monkeys have other plans. In the nick of time, Hook gets some assistance from Emma, Regina, and the rest of the gang. Emma tells Henry that she’s done lying to him, so she hands him his book, and his memories come rushing back. Finally!

Just then, Zelena pops by and grabs Henry. She is planning to kill him and starts strangling him, but Emma summons her power to free him from Zelena’s grasp. And Regina doesn’t seem to be doing so well, but she wakes up to see Henry standing over her. She kisses him, and it breaks the curse, as everyone’s memories come back. Awww!

Emma isn’t pleased that Hook hadn’t told her about Zelena's curse and that Henry was in danger. Then, the Charmings inform everyone that Hook lied about where the memory-reviving elixir came from. Yikes. Ultimately, Henry visits Neal’s grave, and just as everyone is getting all emotional, Snow starts to go into labor. Things are about to get very interesting!

When You See a Random Door, You Might As Well Enter It

In this week’s Fairytale Land flashback, Aurora and Phillip admit to telling Zelena about Snow’s baby in order to save their own. But Zelena doesn’t seem to be feeling too attached to those two, as she turns Aurora and Phil into monkeys. She then freezes our heroes and feels Snow’s baby bump, deciding that Snow’s baby is just what she’s looking for.

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 19 — “A Curious Thing”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

Rumple is acting extra cuckoo, as he tells our heroes to go through a door in order to find Glinda the Good Witch. Snow and David are able to pass through the door, but Regina can’t, since she’s not the nicest person around. Glinda tells the Charmings that they need light magic to defeat Zelena. This means Emma can do it, but Emma is sadly back in NYC.

David valiantly offers up his own heart to enact the dark curse, which will reunite them with Emma. Snow reluctantly agrees to crush his heart, but when she does so, Zelena shows up at a very inopportune time and adds a forgetfulness element to it. Bummer. Luckily, Snow has faith that half of her heart will be enough to revive David, and it works! By the way, don’t you just hate people like that who are so in love? Or maybe it’s just us.

Finally, we see Zelena drink a potion to allow her to retain her memories, and she offers it to Rumple. He’s about to drink it when Neal emerges from within him and sends the potion to Hook via a bird. Suddenly, we wish we could get a bird to do all of our dirty work.

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night

1. We’re excited about Snow going into labor but we're also extremely nervous about it. What’s going to happen when her tyke arrives?

2. We learn in the promo for next week’s episode that Dorothy Gale will be joining the mix. How exactly will she play into everything?

3. We’re loving Regina and Robin Hood’s romance. So cute! But how will Hook redeem himself in Emma’s eyes?

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