Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 — Why So Shady, Wren?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 — Why So Shady, Wren?

In this week’s recap of Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 10: “The Mirror Has Three Faces”), Ezra cries, the Liars spend some quality time at the DiLaurentis house, and Wren proves he’s not to be trusted.

Wherein Emily Inadvertently Rooms With Red Coat

Emily’s instincts are stellar. When Mrs. DiLaurentis offers Ali’s old room to Emily while the Fields abode is being rebuilt, she’s all, “No way, Jose.” Unfortunately, the rest of the Liars think it’s a great idea! It actually ends up being not so bad: Em and Mrs. D. drink tea and bond over their mutual love for Ali. It’s even kind of sweet — until the electrician discovers that someone (i.e. Red Coat) has been living in the DiLaurentis house’s basement crawl space, listening into Mrs. D.’s every word. That motel is looking pretty nice right about now.

Wherein Hanna Pulls a Hanna

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 — Why So Shady, Wren?
Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    

In a classic Hanna move, Hanna sets into motion a series of events that eventually blow up in her face. It all starts when Hanna asks Dr. Wren to get her into Radley, letting it slip that she needs to ask Mona about Cece Drake. As quick as you can say, “Wait, he might be on the “A” Team!” Wren has his phone out and is talking vaguely to someone about “taking care of things on his end.” This apparently means tricking Veronica Hastings into visiting Mona. Mama Hastings has an “off the record” chat with Mona telling her to stay away from the Liars (or else!). The threat seems to have little effect on Mona, but it does give credence to claims that Veronica coerced Mona into confessing to Wilden’s murder. She recuses herself as Ashley Marin’s lawyer, sending Hanna into a Tailspin of Panic.

Wherein Spencer Demonstrates The Power Of Music

Remember that piece of sheet music “A” sent Toby at the end of last week’s ep? This week, it prompts Toby to revisit his mother’s old psychiatrist, Dr. Palmer, and he brings Spence along for the excursion. Date! Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s have made Palmer a less-than-stellar conversationalist. The trip seems like a total wash until Spence starts playing the sheet music on the piano. The music jogs Dr. Palmer’s memory, and he mentions Mrs. DiLaurentis, implying Ali’s mother was visiting Radley while Marion was a patient. In a classic Spencer move, Spence immediately confronts Mrs. D who tells a creepy story about the one time she went to Radley to pick up who she thought was her daughter. It was actually Cece, who dressed up as Ali, went to Radley, and convinced the doctors she needed help. According to Mrs. D., Ali and Cece “swapped personalities” all the time. Weird.

Wherein Aria Finds Froyo — And a Clue!

Things are still going swimmingly between Aria and Jake after last week’s fireside make out session, so Aria hops the train to Philly to see her boy compete in a regional martial arts competition. Ever the multi-tasker, she uses the guise of a froyo run to track down the forwarding address of the apartment Nigel Wright’s phone has led the Liars to. No Cece, but there is a pretty pissed-off former friend/roomie of Cece. She tells Aria that Cece hated the Liars because she thought they were in on Ali’s sorority party stunt that got Cece kicked out of college. The Liars should probably clear this little misunderstanding up. Pronto.

Elsewhere in Aria’s universe, Ezra finds out that Maggie lied to him: Malcolm isn’t his son. Ezra cries and calls Aria, who has to choose between Jake’s meet and answering Ezra’s phone call. She chooses Jake, and Ezra stares at his own reflection in a dark window. It is very sad.


— Does this mean Wren is officially on the “A” Team? Because he was looking pretty darn guilty in this episode. And who was he working with to get Veronica Hastings off of the case? The show seemed to imply that it was Cece on the other end of the phone conversation, but we’re putting some money on Mona as a dark horse. She could just be using Radley as her new office.

— We now know where Red Coat has been hiding out: the DiLaurentis house. Mrs. D. seemed to take the news that someone was using her basement as a living space pretty well. Could she have already known that Red Coat was living there? Alternatively, could Red Coat be listening into Mrs. D.’s conversations not for information, but because she missed her mother?

— We’ll also add Mrs. DiLaurentis’ Ali sighting in a park to the list. Could Mrs. D. really have seen her “deceased” daughter?

— We now know that Ali and Cece have a history of pretending to be one another. If Ali isn’t alive, this makes the theory that Cece is Red Coat and has been impersonating her dead frenemy even more likely.

Other Things To Be Discussed:

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 — Why So Shady, Wren?
Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Family    

— Hanna has a chance to redeem her self-sabotaging ways by catching Red Coat in the DiLaurentis house, but the masked figure slips past Hanna while the Liar is distracted by something shiny (i.e. the contents of Ali’s jewelry box). Get your head in the game, Hanna!

— Kudos for Emily for both summing up her fashion sense in one sentence and trying not to make Mrs. D. feel bad about Ali’s clothes still hanging in the closet: “I don’t really wear things that need to be hung up.” We loved Em in this ep!

— Speaking of Emily, is “A” now trying to frame her for Wilden’s murder? It certainly looked that way when she tossed Ashley Marin’s muddy shoe into the debris of the Fields house. Or will that evidence still incriminate Ashley?

— Can the Rosewood men please stop pulling on our heartstrings? We can’t handle the feelings! Watching Ezra talk about falling in love with Malcolm, Caleb tearing up when he admits to Hanna that he can’t protect her, and Toby try not to fall apart at every mention of his mom was too much for one episode!

What did you think of "The Mirror Has Three Faces," Pretty Little Liars fans? Do you think Wren is on the "A" team? Sound off in the comments!

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