Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Clears The Air on Season 4, Episode 11
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Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Clears The Air on Season 4, Episode 11

Each week, Mob Wives: New Blood star Renee Graziano will recap the previous night’s episode, from her point of view. Here, she unpacks the drama of Season 4, Episode 11, “Renee’s Had Enough”. And boy, as she! She had a lot to say in Thursday’s episode, but she has even more to say today!

We open with dinner at Drita’s house, and she’s being the mediator again. The girls are already there and Natalie and Alicia are talking about me in green screen as usual. Natalie... who cares what she has to say? Can somebody say “irrelevant”? As far as Alicia and her hoping that I'm the "good and level headed Renee" and not the Renee in Vegas... well all I have to say is I'm not the only one with a couple of personalities — or shall I say faces — at that table!

Moving right along to the actual conversation, I'm glad Alicia gets right to it because, like I said before, I don't have time or patience for any more BS. She wants to resolve our issues? I hope so, because she started the issues! Is Natalie speaking? There she goes again with the accusation that I'm spreading rumors. Uh, I don't think so. But I am in a good place — nice and calm — and I explain to her that I have not spread any rumors, nor did I ever go to the tabloids for anything.

(Sidebar: In four seasons, this is the first time we have ever had a problem with people spilling news to the tabloids. Hmmmm... it never happened before... We have new girls and we have some very bitter old girls, minus one of course, and I say again.....hmmmm.)

So I explain to Alicia — yes, I may have gossiped with my BEST FRIEND of 30 years, as all friends do, but I never put anything in the paper. Now, what I mean by, “I am guilty of gossiping” is yes, I may have heard or entertained a thing or two I heard about Alicia, but I was not the one doing the talking... just the listening.

And then, oh my God — a miracle happens and Alicia finally admits that she believes me and that I was not leaking information and that she no longer believes that it was anyone at that table! So for 7-8 episodes prior, I was her target for what, then?

I will tell you why, just like I told her why at the table: Alicia's problem is with Carla and Edward's friendship, and the fact that Edward carried on the friendship against Alicia's wishes. Which I totally understand, but let me be clear: neither Carla, nor I, had any idea Edward was "not allowed" to be friends with Carla. As far as I am concerned, Alicia knew Eddie and I were friends for years so I never thought I was doing anything wrong.

For me, going to lunch with Edward was like me going to lunch with one of my male cousins. I would never second guess it. Edward never told us that he wasn't allowed to be there because, rest assured, we would have both told him to stop lying to his wife.

Carla was never anything but Edward's friend at that time. Their relationship had been over years prior. She would actually help him pick out gifts for Alicia. She was thrilled he was married and having kids. It’s very sad, because something so innocent has been turned into something so terrible. However, as a woman, if I had known Alicia and she called me and said “I really don't want you hanging out with my husband,” I would have said, “no problem” and told him if you want to hang out, then next time bring your wife. I get it.

So now Alicia says she doesn't have a problem with me or Carla from day one. So I guess you know that Carla wasn't anything but friends with him, if you don't have a problem with her — right? But with what I'm hearing and how she's been taking everything out on me, I'm not really sure.

Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Clears The Air on Season 4, Episode 11
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And now Drita intervenes. Holy s—t... she really is the mediator this time. Yes, Drita you are correct: my loyalty did lie with Carla and Edward, and as soon as Alicia started questioning me like the FEDS, I shut down. At that point I wouldn't tell her if he took a s—t on Wednesday, because maybe he told her he took one on Tuesday.

However, on the flip side, if Alicia had let our friendship blossom, which was my hope, then loyalties would never change; they would naturally shift towards Alicia and things would be handled differently. But you have to understand, at this point I only knew Alicia a few weeks/months versus my whole life with her husband. I'm sorry, that's how I was raised: you don't open your mouth and jam anyone up.

And then Alicia finally admits that she doesn't like Carla and basically admits I was guilty by association. AMEN.

Then Natalie talks, and all I have to say is "business partners"? Uh, I don't think so. And as far as Natalie defending Alicia, I understand, because I defend Carla. But I also feel like it is two totally different things, because Alicia was just there to defend herself at all times (and, might I add, she did a pretty good job of it).

BUT, Alicia refused to meet with Carla, so Carla was defenseless, which gave me no choice but to defend her. So, to Drita's point, if the third party (Carla) had been addressed from the beginning, then none of this between me and Alicia would have ever happened! And honestly, I like her. I wish it didn't, I truly do. For Alicia, I decide to not fight the fight anymore with Natalie and we all call a truce!

Alicia speaking to her friend about being sentenced is breaking my heart. And when she actually sits with her boys and explains it to them, I am in tears. That little boy Carlo is the spitting image of Edward when he smiles and his little voice... Alicia, please make sure to record it because, as you know, they grow so fast. As far as you possibly going to jail... I will be there for you for whatever you need if you do, but I really believe you won't. God wouldn't take an angel away from those kids.

Drita is now opening a second store... I love it!! I'm happy for her. She deserves happiness and to stand on her own two feet after all she has been through. Her store opening party is great. It looks amazing and, like I said, Drita went from giving black eyes to blue eyes!" She's great at what she does.

Now down to the nitty gritty: the tweets — or, as Drita said, the tw-ts. What I say is that the tw-t was tw-tting. However, I would like to thank her for posting the exact tweet (even though saving tweets to show people later is a rat thing to do, in my opinion) because I couldn't exactly remember exactly what I tweeted. Now, as for what I said…

What it translates to is this: If you believe you have a lying, cheating husband, then blame him — not me. I still feel that way. and I will feel that way forever. I was pissed off because, like I said for 7-8 episodes (which is months), Alicia took out on me what she believed her husband did. She yelled at me in her house like I was a child. She fought with me. She smeared my name and insinuated I was a leak. So, yes, I was mad and I felt that way. However, maybe today, since we made up, I would say it differently. Like, “please Alicia, if you believe your husband did anything wrong to you, then I would really appreciate it if you dealt with him on it instead of taking your frustrations out on me.”

Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Clears The Air on Season 4, Episode 11
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So just to be clear: yes, I said it. Yes, I was mad at the time. But I was talking about a situation that had to do with me and Alicia — one we have been arguing about to each other's face (remember old homestead) and tweeted something. IT HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH NATALIE. So for her to tweet something back that was so classless and disgusting, and that my 19-year-old son read, just shows what type of person she is. So here are my points:

1. Natalie, mind your business.

2. I tweeted something that Alicia and I were dealing with, one on one, for months. It had nothing to do with you.

3. As far as her kids reading it? Well, she is the one who decided to put her and her husband’s business — and her thoughts about him cheating — on national television, so her kids already knew about it.

4. You tweeted something that had nothing to do with show or anything anyone has spoken about in public already.

5. You are a disgrace of a person for not considering someone's child when writing lies and throwing such low blows at someone.

6. Only a rat saves text messages and airs them out along with other people's supposed dirty laundry. That's right... I said it. NAT THE RAT.

And, once again, thank you Ang and Drita for finally agreeing with me that Natalie was wrong and clearing the air that (in their words exactly) "you didn't do nothing wrong" and "you didn't do anything with anyone's husband." So shove that up your ass, NAT THE RAT.

As for me asking Alicia to talk to Natalie, I just thought, if we really wanted a truce, that if she asked her friend to stop then maybe she would. As always, I choose to try to end the situation before taking it elsewhere. No, Alicia, you can't control a grown woman — but as her "best friend" you can ask her to stop.

Now, on to lighter fare. Angela, you and Neil are honestly the best couple. Through all your jokes about him I can feel the love and the fun you have together. I would love it if you actually had a baby, but I think you made the right decision. But, I really saw how much you loved Neil when you were upset over not giving him his baby wish. Oh, and you win Best Pajamas all day long!

Mob Wives: New Blood airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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