Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “Love ShAck, Baby!” — Who’s at the Cabin?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “Love ShAck, Baby!” — Who’s at the Cabin?

Say uncle! In tonight's Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 15 (“Love ShAck, Baby!”), someone gets locked in a room for the 2,378th time on this show, Hanna and Aria just might become sisters-in-law, and Spencer's dad is providing a helping hand to any and all newly divorcees out there.

Wherein Aria Is Apparently In Love With Her “Uncle”

Jake better hurry back soon, given that Aria is getting awfully flirty with Ezra. And speaking of Ezra, was he the one who locked Aria and Spencer in the room in her “uncle’s” cabin? We sort of wonder whether whoever locked them in the room was later hiding in the secret basement once Emily and Hanna rescued them.

Wherein Emily Sees Ali in Her Dreams

We would love to own an auto mechanic shop in Rosewood, considering how often everyone’s cars seem to break down. Indeed, Emily’s engine shut downs as the girls try to find the Busy Bee Inn, so they head to Ezra’s cabin. Then again, inviting people to stay safe at Ezra’s cabin is kind of like inviting someone to hide in the raptor pen when the electricity goes out at Jurassic Park.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “Love ShAck, Baby!” — Who’s at the Cabin?
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We keep waiting for a romantic Emison moment — which we thought we got tonight, until it was just Em’s subconscious. And did Ali really write the note to Emily about their special place? By the way, that rock was cute, but we’re trying to pretend that we didn’t see that spray paint on it. (Just say no to vandalism, people.) Also, who else has the initials of “EF” besides Emily Fields? Hmm...

Wherein Spencer Packs Her Luggage — After Learning About Her Family Baggage

Okay, so Spencer is clearly having the worst go of things among the four Liars this season thus far. But are you really having a bad time when you get to make out with someone who looks as amazing as Toby does in a tank top? We think not. Yes, we really appreciate Toby for wearing that tank top.

But now for the bad news about Spencer’s life: Her dad is clearly hiding something about the soon-to-divorce Mrs. DiLaurentis, whom he’s palling around with even though he doesn’t want Spencer to talk to her. Might we be learning about another Hastings-DiLaurentis love child? And why doesn’t Mr. H want to shut down Radley anymore? Suddenly, he’s pro-Radley?

Wherein Hanna Channels Her Inner Cougar

Is it wrong that we actually kinda like the idea of Hanna and Mike as an item? Yes, yes, we miss Haleb — but c’mon, we’re all about Team Hike now! Frankly, we like when TV characters date their friends' siblings, a la Rachel and Ross on Friends, or Brenda and Dylan on 90210. And shouldn’t Hanna have known that the page she tore out of Ali’s diary wouldn't fool Spencer? Spencer catches everything.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “Love ShAck, Baby!” — Who’s at the Cabin?
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— Remember how we — and, well, probably most people — were kinda underwhelmed with last week’s premiere episode? Well, this awesome episode more than made up for it! Ali flashbacks, decoded diary entries, and that hot Spoby scene? What’s not to like!

— Ali’s diary is indeed full of clues. One of our favorites is when Hanna mentions that a line in it refers to someone who “wishes she was more like me,” and whom Ali claims is taking her friends. If you ask us, this is a pretty clear sign that Ali has a twin who’s taking over Ali’s life.

— We see Emily at the rock that says "EF + AD" — which stands for Emily and Alison, right? Or could the "EF" stand for "Ezra Fitz"? Yikes! We never knew that the alphabet could be so creepy. And what was Ezra doing in Hanna's room?

— Why is Ezra listening to that recording of Ali? And could it be CeCe who helped Ali to “not be Ali anymore”? Or is this another hint about Ali having an identity-stealing twin? Speaking of CeCe, did someone really pay her to kill Wilden? We’re skeptical.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “Love ShAck, Baby!” — Who’s at the Cabin?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

— Mr. Hastings no longer wants to shut down Radley and tells Spencer that there was another patient with Toby’s mom when she slipped off the roof. Could this patient have been the blonde girl who used to hang out with Toby’s mom — meaning it’s possibly Ali, CeCe, or Ali’s twin? And we also wonder if this person is the “Fragile Patient” who is mentioned in the diary.

— Here’s one more thing we loved about the episode: The additional presence of Travis, who is (way) hotter than we remember. But did we notice a cut on his hand near the end of the episode? Come to think of it, whenever PLL adds a mysterious character — like, say, Nate or Shana — they’re up to no good.

— In the show’s final scene, we see “A” messing with Emily’s car. And it’s quite clear that there is an apple sitting on A’s desk. Is this a hint that “A” is a teacher — like, say, Ezra? Or is it an “apple a day” reference, meaning that “A” is a doctor — like Wren? So many characters, so many apple lovers.

Other Things to Be Discussed:

— How awesome did Hanna look in those post-breakup braids? This is one girl who handles heartbreak with aplomb.

— Is there really a nearby town called Killingworth, which is where Aria says the aquarium is? We'd love to see what other town names the PLL writers came up with before settling on "Killingworth." Perhaps "Death-By-Mysterious-Stalker-Ville" was too on-the-nose?

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