Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 — “Cover For Me”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 — “Cover For Me”

Anyone feel like a dirt nap? On this week's Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 22 ("Cover For Me"), Ali's mom wants to help tuck Spencer in; Aria has a thing for singer-songwriters (but who doesn't?); and Spencer has a scary vision while running, which is a tactic we're now going to use all the time to get out of having to run.

Wherein Aria Says Goodbye to Riley… and Antonio

Aria is really a sucker for guys who know their way around an acoustic guitar, right? First, she’s smitten with Noel, and now it’s Riley, who has inexplicably named his guitar Antonio. Come to think of it, if you compiled a list of the top 100 signs that a guy is lame, we’re pretty sure that “He names his guitar” would rank higher on the list than pretty much everything else guys do, with the possible exception being, “He refers to his biceps as ‘the gun show.’”

But her tryst with Riley gives Aria the encouragement to tell Ezra to GTFO of Rosewood. Instead, Ezra hands over his manuscript, which claims that Mrs. DiLaurentis is actually “A.” And here we had always assumed that Mrs. D wouldn’t be caught dead in a hoodie.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 — “Cover For Me”
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Wherein Emily Needs to Become a Penmanship Expert, Stat

It seems like a bit of a stretch that Hanna’s the one who identifies Paige’s handwriting, especially considering that Paige’s envelope is probably the first thing Hanna has read in her spare time in months. Meanwhile, we’re totally proud of Em for arranging that little heart-to-heart with Mona. And don’t be ashamed of falling for Mike, Mona — that is one easy-on-the-eyes family.

Wherein Spencer Has a Visitor in Her Room

You may want to check your bedroom right now for Mrs. DiLaurentis, since apparently she likes to hang out in other people’s rooms in her spare time. (Shoo, Mrs. D! Shoo!) So was she the person who put the dirt in Spencer’s bed? Then again, there are worse things to find in your bed — like, say, a horse's severed head, or a guy who uses the aforementioned "gun show" phrase.

Also, what would have been Mrs. D's excuse if Spencer’s mom happened to see her? Mrs. D would be like, “Sorry, but those meds Spencer was on sounded pretty good — I was hoping to grab some for myself.” And here we thought Spencer's biggest problem this week was having to pee into Tupperware.

Wherein Hanna Eats and Runs

Travis may have managed to end up on a date with Hanna, but it’s Officer Handsome — sorry, Holbrook — who still grabs her attention during it, as Hanna sees him pull Mrs. D aside for a chat. Finally, Hanna cuts her date with poor Trav short when Aria sends her an “S.O.S.” By the way, Mrs. D manages to interrupt Hanna’s date and sneak into Spencer’s room in the same episode? This woman is the master at meddling!

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 — “Cover For Me”
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Family    


— The episode felt a bit heavy on filler, since Riley is just a one-off character, and we really doubt Mrs. D is “A.” Still, it seems like last two episodes of Season 4 will be epic, so we just need to be patient. We know — it’s not easy.

— So did Spencer really hit Ali with the shovel and bury her alive? Because that was one gnarly daydream of Spencer’s, where her face got covered in red stuff. We can only hope Ali was somehow eating a plate of spaghetti right as she was being chased by Spencer, and the shovel hit the spaghetti, and so Spencer got tomato sauce covering her face. That’s plausible, right? The ol’ “spaghetti sauce in the face” theory?

— The big question from this episode, as the producers have suggested, is figuring out who stole the game from Mona. Piece of cake, right?

— We see that Toby's envelope has been postmarked in London. Say what?! We know Melissa is there, so is Toby interacting with her and Wren somehow? Bloody hell.

— OK, we’re assuming Ali’s mom isn’t “A,” since — as Hanna points out — she doesn’t seem too tech-savvy. And… just no. But then why would she be creeping around Spencer’s room? Clearly, she paid off CeCe to not say anything about Spencer’s interaction with Ali for some reason, so she’s up to something.

— That said, we wonder if Mrs. D at least knows who “A” is, given that Ezra is so convinced she’s “A.” And with Holbrook questioning her about Paige’s note, we wonder if perhaps Mrs. D knows Ali is alive. Indeed, we still have a feeling Mrs. D is somehow hiding something about Ali’s twin, which we also think relates to why she’s on the Radley board.

Other Things That Need to Be Discussed:

— Given how fond Mona is of running people down with her car, we have to give Emily major props for standing directly behind it. Don’t tempt her, Em.

— We appreciate that PLL is carrying on the long tradition of having dreamboats named “Dean” on our favorite TV shows. There’s Dean on Supernatural, Dean on Gilmore Girls… and now, Spencer’s detox babysitter Dean onPLL, who is more than worthy of carrying the “Hotties Named Dean” torch.