Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Finale — “‘A’ Is For Answers”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Finale — “‘A’ Is For Answers”

A shot in the dark! On this week's shocking Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars (“‘A’ Is For Answers”), Mrs. DiLaurentis gets a taste of her own medicine, Ezra is a decent guy after all, and Melissa needs to learn how to speak with a bit more volume.

Wherein Aria Wants to Tell Ezra, “Stop Saying ‘It’s Beautiful’ and Just Tell Us Who Freakin’ Shot You!”

Seriously, would it have been so difficult for Ezra just to blurt out the name of the person in the mask rather than pontificating about the crisp evening air? But it’s nice to see that Ezra will indeed be redeemed and will probably be working alongside the Liars next season. And rest assured, Ezra will indeed survive the gunshot wound. Come to think of it, on this show, a gunshot wound is a pretty mild injury in the scheme of things.

Wherein Hanna Is Prepared to Fire a Gun Because That Totally Makes Sense

Can we talk for a minute about the gun that Hanna picks up on the roof? Like, we must say that the markings on it appear identical to those on Peter Hastings’s gun from Season 2. Also, there is no question that Hanna got the best line of the night when she told Ali, “God, I can’t believe your mom buried you alive.” If we had a nickel for every time we’ve said that to someone...

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Finale — “‘A’ Is For Answers”
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Wherein Spencer Learns That She Has Thankfully Never Used a Shovel as a Weapon

We sort of had a good news-bad news situation with Spencer’s storyline tonight. Like, it’s great that Spencer didn’t hurt anyone with a shovel — not that we ever really thought she did. But Spencer’s fam is all kinds of trouble, as Melissa whispers a shocking secret to her dad. What the heck did she say?

Then again, this family loves to make a big deal out of everything, so we’re guessing Mr. Hastings would freak out like that even if Melissa had only whispered to him, “I ate the last of the Oreos, so you're going to have to buy more.” Still, we have a feeling Melissa may have ‘fessed up to killing the girl in Ali’s coffin.

Wherein Emily Is Like, "Paige, Who?"

Emily didn’t spend too much time wallowing about her breakup with Paige this week, as she grabbed Ali’s hand in the opening scene as tightly as if it were the guardrail along the Grand Canyon. So it will be interesting to see if we get any Emison snuggling in the near future. And speaking of Paige, might she have been "Ninja 'A'" at the end of the episode, given how athletic Paige is?

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Finale — “‘A’ Is For Answers”
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— Pretty awesome finale, right? Sure, we might have wanted to learn even more, but we still got plenty of info, along with some pretty crazy twists. (Translation: We hardly knew ye, Mrs. D!)

— First off: Who hit Ali in the head with that rock? It must have been someone whom Ali’s mom was willing to protect, so we think that Ali’s twin is currently our top guess. Or maybe it could be Jason, who did seem awfully defensive of his mom on last week’s episode. And by the way, who uses a rock as a weapon these days? What is this, a Wile E. Coyote cartoon?

— Here's the second big mystery involving bodily harm: Who shot Ezra at the end? It definitely seems like it might have been a guy, given that Ezra had no qualms about hitting the person. So was it Wren, who may have returned from London with Melissa? Or maybe Mike? Then again, we’re wondering about Toby. Perhaps the events in “Shadow Play” served as foreshadowing, with Toby punching Ezra at the end of that episode. It's possible, right?

— OK, now it’s Bodily Harm Mystery #3: Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? At least, we’re pretty sure she’s dead and that she was being buried in the present day, since she’s wearing what she had on in the police station. Was she killed by the same person who tried to kill Ali? That would be our hunch.

— What did Melissa whisper to her dad? We’re thinking she may have admitted to killing the girl in the coffin, since Mrs. Hastings was calling a defense attorney. Or maybe Melissa knows who killed the girl. Again, Wren seems like a possibility there.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Finale — “‘A’ Is For Answers”
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— Did you notice that CeCe was wearing the same top that Hanna's mom found in Mrs. DiLaurentis's shopping bag last week? Gulp. So is CeCe the person whom Mrs. D has been protecting — and are CeCe and Ali somehow related?

— Who on the show is capable of being as stealthy and ninja-like as “A” was on the roof? We know that Jake has some serious martial arts skills, but he wouldn’t have such a major role on the show, right? Maybe Paige — a.k.a. Pigskin — is equally skilled? Or perhaps “A” will actually turn out to be Chuck Norris?

— What are Noel’s secrets? And who pulled the other three Liars from the fire before Ali could save them? And who did Ali think impregnated her if she hadn’t slept with Ezra or Ian? And who was Ali’s mom on the phone with as Ali snuck out on the night Ali got hit in the head? And… (You get the point we're trying to make here, we assume.)

Other Things That Need to Be Discussed:

— So Ali hugs each one of the Liars at the beginning of the episode — except for Spencer? So not cool. C’mon over here, Spencer — we’ve got a big ol’ hug with your name on it.

— Why were we not surprised that, of all the things Ezra could be doing at the Cool College Make-Out Bar, he was busy reading a book? C’mon, Ezra — you get a hug, too.

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