Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Recaps the Season 4 Finale
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Mob Wives

Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Recaps the Season 4 Finale

Each week, Mob Wives: New Blood star Renee Graziano will recap the previous night’s episode, from her point of view. Here, she unpacks the Season 4 finale, including the release of her book, Playing With Fire, and the cliffhanger surrounding Alicia's sentencing.

Okay, so we finally made it to the end of the season and I am still in one piece — despite being picked apart by everyone! Screw that. Remember what I said: "I don't motherf—king sink."

I'm gonna keep this one as short and sweet as possible.

I loved the girls’ reaction to my upcoming book, Playing with Fire. Drita and Ang both seem to know that some of the sexcapades could be personal! I’m glad they understand that this book has been therapeutic for me. During recovery, the major rule is “no sex, no relationships,” because you are emotionally vulnerable and unable to handle it. So I may have broken that rule… but when my therapist said "fantasy" is good and “write about it instead of doing it,” that seemed like a great way for me to get my sexual nature satisfied. As I wrote and wrote, I realized that I not only enjoyed it, but that what I was writing was actually pretty good! Hence the book.

Thank God Ang and Drita had my back and told Natalie she was wrong for tweeting about me like that after our truce. And I’m even more grateful that they insisted she stop. But, as always, Natalie tries to justify her actions. Now, I said I was wrong for my indirect tweet about lying, cheating husbands (because I own everything I do), but I was commenting on something that was already hashed out over several episodes — brought out initially by Alicia herself. It's called show promotion, Natalie: Stir up a little Twitter drama to drum up interest on the show. I've been doing this for years but I guess the new jack (pookie) doesn't understand veteran moves!

Now, what I said in my tweet WAS in response to Alicia's constant battling with me because of her feelings about Carla and Edward. I know I said this in my last recap, but I was the one being yelled at, fought with, and belittled for something she is mad about at her husband for. So I believe that my words are justifiable, since I was defending myself, same as everyone else does. Basically, if you have issues with your husband take it out on him — NOT me.

Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Recaps the Season 4 Finale
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I didn't call her names, I didn't try to expose her for anything, and I didn't discuss anything she hasn't discussed on the show herself. For Natalie to defend Alicia (which clearly she doesn't need to do because Alicia and I have been face to face several times) and stoop so low with vicious lies like "you give married men blow jobs" and "you’re a coke w—e" is not only out of line but also uncalled for. So, Drita and Ang, now you know what I have been dealing with. Natalie never recognizes her fault in anything and has an excuse for it all. Soooo thanks for having my back but truly don't bother because it’s a waste of time. There are garbage men to take out the trash!

Giselle modeling — oh my god... how cute is she? Adorable. She belongs on Disney.

Ang has come a long way. She went from getting the keys to that big house from her boyfriend who passed away to owning her own house! She really changed her mindset and settled down. I'm happy for her.

Now back to me (lol). My party is a huge success and I love the posters and pictures of the book! Thanks so much to Tor/MacMillan for this event and for believing in my book! I'm loving it and I'm really proud of myself for this accomplishment. This was something I’ve wanted to do for years. The character Reign has been my alter ego since I was 17 years old!

All my true friends are there to support me and my one and only AJ as well. I'm in a great mood and then all of a sudden a d—bag appears on the stage. “WTF,” Drita and I obviously think at the same time. This bitch is crazy! For someone who talks so much about class, she obviously has none. Everyone knows you don't get onstage at someone else's event and make it about yourself! It's Etiquette 101 — didn't someone raise her better?

Renee’s Rehash: The Mob Wives Star Recaps the Season 4 Finale
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But, it's my night — all about me! I'm not gonna go backwards and address all the bulls—t with her again — because that's exactly where she is: back 5,000 steps behind me. So I just go with it! Who cares at this point. My book is coming out! Her "Delicious" song was a good and respectable attempt at cashing in on the situation but the actual song is amateur at best.

Oh, and as far as Natalie respecting Ang and Drita’s wishes to stop... she obviously doesn't respect them, either.

Drita and her kids — what a great mom. No matter how hard she is, she is always a softie with her kids. I get that and admire that because AJ makes me a mush.

Now, as for Alicia's sentencing. Oh my. The day has finally come and in a way it's good for her because the anticipation is sometimes worse than the result. I feel for her, though, because uncertainty is nerve-wracking.

However, I have my own nerve-wracking situation going on... I can't win. I get a phone call that Junior is getting out and heard I went to a lawyer. I am completely scared at this point, as I know he is gonna be angry about this. I do my best to put my own stuff aside to support Alicia. We have decided to mend our relationship and I'm gonna give it 100 percent.

So here it goes. She goes to court and what happens next? Stay tuned.

02.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Renee Graziano
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