Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 17 — “The Bin of Sin”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 17 — “The Bin of Sin”

Pretty Little Liars might not have revealed whose remains were found in that barrel tonight (not cool, PLL), but they did deliver a nail-biting episode filled with relationship drama, kitchen fires, and near death-by-froyo. As Hanna (Ashley Benson) struggled to prevent “A” from framing her for Mona’s murder, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) almost died in an attempt to stop Hanna from making the situation worse. Here’s everything that went down in Season 5, Episode 17 (“The Bin of Sin”).

Wherein Hanna Makes Some Really Bad Decisions. Struggling with her mother’s decision not to tell Ted that she slept with Jason less than 36 hours before his proposal while simultaneously faced with the prospect of getting framed by “A” for Mona’s murder, Hanna didn’t make the best decisions ever in this episode. Upon discovering that the storage unit filled with evidence from Mona’s murder was being leased in her name, she convinced Caleb to help her clear the thing out. When Haleb got there, the place was already cleared out — save for the barrel that may or may not contain Mona’s liquified corpse. Worse yet, Tanner and Toby saw Haleb leaving the storage unit. Basically, these two are screwed. But, hey, at least they’re in it together! When Hanna tried to convince Caleb to stay away for her for a while to keep himself out of jail, Caleb refused. Because he loves Hanna. #HalebForever

Wherein The Liars Take a Trip to The Ice Cream Factory. We used to associate ice cream factories with delicious free samples and informational tours. (Thank you, Ben & Jerry’s!) Now, we will forever remember the horrific time Spencer and Aria almost got made into ice cream themselves. (Not thank you, PLL!) When Spencer realizes that Mona’s laptop is on the move, she assumes Hanna has it, and employs Emily and Aria’s help to follow its GPS and try to talk their friend out of her evidence-tampering spiral of destruction. They arrive at the abandoned Boo Boo’s Ice Cream Factory to find the laptop, but no Hanna. Instead, Spencer and Aria are treated to footage of Hanna and Caleb discussing their criminal intent to move the evidence in Mona’s murder. Uh oh. Then, faster than you can say “New York Super Fudge Chunk!” Spencer and Aria are locked inside of an ice cream-making chamber by “A.” Liquid nitrogen is pumped into the chamber, quickly dropping the temperature to near-fatal levels. The girls would have died if not for Emily’s last-minute rescue. That girl is so handy to have around. #EmilyToTheRescue

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 17 — “The Bin of Sin”
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Wherein Spencer Has The Worst Boyfriend Ever. To be clear, we are total Spoby fans, but we were very not impressed with one half of that dynamic in this episode. We’ll give you a hint: it was the “oby” half. Spencer worked to keep Toby informed throughout the episode, but he did not want to hear about a) the fact that Hanna was being framed for Mona’s murder, b) that she was about to do something stupid, c) that “A” has Haleb’s criminal planning on tape or, most importantly, d) that Spencer was almost made into ice cream. The episode ended with Spencer begging Toby to come over to tell her what the cops found in the barrel and for a much needed heart-to-heart. Instead, Toby lied to Spencer about having to work late, then more or less hung up on her. You better have a good reason for treating Spencer so badly, Pretty Eyes. Or else. #SpobyTheoriesPlease

Wherein Aria Finally Tells Ezra the Truth. Aria finally fessed up about the letter she wrote to get into Talmadge. You know the one explaining all of the ways in which Aria had missed out on her high school experience because she was dating Ezra? At first, Ezra laughed it off, impressed that Aria had been clever enough to make Jackie’s past with Ezra work in her favor. (We were, too.) Then, he read it again and realized that there is some truth in Aria’s words — even if she doesn’t see it. He asked Aria to think long and hard about if she wanted to enter college, a time for experimentation and meeting new people, with Ezra. He worries that she will grow to resent him and their relationship. She agreed to think about it, spending some quality time with the Rosewood High School Yearbook. #TheTalmadgeTruth

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 17 — “The Bin of Sin”
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Wherein Emily Burns Some Apples. Emily continued her string of mundane shenanigans at The Brew. This week, she burns some apples new girl Talia is planning on making into a pie. Yep, the stakes here are about as high as they sound — which is to say way, way, way lower than both almost freezing to death in an abandoned ice cream factory or getting framed for murder. We did finally find out what Talia was up to with that random comment about Ezra’s cute butt in last week’s episode. It turns out she was trying to gauge Emily’s interest because Talia has the hots for Emily. Understandable — Emily is a total babe — but maybe she should have just asked? #NewBrewCrush


  • The introduction of Boo Boo’s Ice Cream Factory seemed like a major clue, but we can’t figure out how. Does anyone we know have a connection to this abandoned factory? Right now, the only person we can think of is Talia, who has spent every episode since her introduction making food. Coincidence or subtle hint on PLL’s part?

  • Aria had a dream that Holbrook used her Talmadge essay to wallpaper Ezra’s walls. Wouldn’t she make a good “A”...?

  • Who moved the laptop and the rest of the Mona evidence to that ice cream factory? It doesn’t seem wise to leave it there given the Liars now know where to look. Is “A” planning on using it sooner rather than later?

  • Tanner got an anonymous tip about the storage unit. Who made the call? And why can’t it be traced? Could Holbrook and Tanner be working together in this? Like the Liars, we have lost all perspective on how big this conspiracy is likely to go.

  • This is the second episode in a row to end with a shadowy figure investigating “A” business, and we think there’s a chance it might not be “A.” Why else would he or she care about the fingerprints outside of the room with all of the evidence for Mona’s murder. Is someone other than the Liars trying to solve the “A” game?

Other Things to Be Discussed:

  • If Spencer and Aria were an ice cream, what flavor would they be? Sprinkles & Sparia?

  • OK, we are still very into the Jason/Ashley thing. We love Pastor Ted, but these two have such great chemistry — and it is a much more interesting storyline to watch unfold than Ted/Ashley has ever been. #SorryNotSorry

  • Doesn’t Hanna know the police can see your Internet search history?!

  • That scene in which Tanner shot down Toby’s theory about Holbrook was tough to watch, even if Toby was being a jerk to Spencer in this episode. But we had to laugh when Tanner made a disparaging comment about Spencer’s detective skills. First of all, Spencer is a better detective than the entire Rosewood P.D. combined. Second of all, your right-hand man is also a teenager, and seemingly mailed away for his cop credentials.

  • “You cannot possibly know everything you need to do to avoid leaving a trace.” Thank you, Caleb! If only his voice of reason translated into action.

  • Do the Liars even pretend to go to school anymore?

  • “I can’t believe you told Ezra and lived to talk about it.” Um, did Emily think Ezra was going to kill Aria over her Talmadge essay…?

  • Anyone else assume “A” got that Jashley kiss on film? #FutureBlAckmAil

  • “Did Saturday night happen so you’d have an excuse to say no?” Jason is more emotionally insightful than we gave him credit for.

  • “It’s bad enough that she’s gone, but if she went like this…” — Hanna, on Mona’s possibly barreled corpse

  • Would you rather be trapped in a kiln or a freezer? Discuss.

  • “I think it rang true to her for a reason.” “Yeah, because I’m a good writer.” — Aria, being modest

  • The Rosewood High yearbook motto is “Best Years of Your Life”?! Really, yearbook committee? You had multiple classmates die.

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