Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 — Awesome Possum
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 — Awesome Possum

The Pretty Little Liars gang has plenty to be guilty about, and tonight’s Season 5, Episode 4 (“Thrown From the Ride”) was an exercise in watching them squirm as our Liars and the people they love struggled to adapt to a new set of lies. But guilt can make people do interesting things: Aria went to Ezra in search of counsel. Paige confessed to Emily just how bad things are about to get for Ali. And Hanna got a case of sticky fingers. Basically, no one in Rosewood is having any fun. Except maybe Mona.

Wherein Spencer Plays the Reluctant Detective. The good news: Mr. Hastings didn’t kill Mrs. DiLaurentis with rat poison. The bad news: Mr. Hastings probably did kill her by tampering with her blood pressure medication. His motive: apparently, Mrs. DiLaurentis tried to pin Ali’s murder on Spence two years ago, but Mr. Hastings blackmailed her out of it by threatening to ruin her marriage with admission of their affair. When the DiLaurentis’ split, however, Mrs. DiLaurentis had no reason not to tell the police. It isn’t looking good for the Hastings, but which one did the murdering? Though Spencer may have found a bottle of the murder weapon prescribed to her father, we’re still suspicious that her mother might be the killer in question.

Wherein Emily Hangs With the Swim Team. More Paily goodness this week as Emily and Paige continue their dual-tutelage of Rosewood High’s newest preternaturally good-looking teen, Sydney. In between giving Syd tips on her backstroke, Paige and Emily find time to reminisce about good times past, until Mona rudely interrupts with her Glare of Evil. Paige has officially declined proffered membership in Mona’s Army, and Mona is not pleased. Mona informs Paige that she cannot be a “social Switzerland,” and Paige makes her choice (kinda) by warning Em that things are going to be bad for Ali when she returns to school. Em tries to convince Ali that maybe re-enrollment isn’t such a good idea, but Ali is determined. Does anyone else see pig’s blood in Ali’s future?

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 — Awesome Possum
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Wherein Aria Watches Music Videos. OK, so it was really just one music video. And technically, it was Shana’s funeral video and not an actual music video, but she did pretty much watch the thing on loop. (Yeah, it was as weird as it sounds.) Aria decides to use Ezra as a distraction from her guilt, and we’re reminded just how much of an old, married couple these two are. They play checkers, chess, and gin rummy before Ezra decides he needs to call it a night. He is still recovering from a gunshot wound, you know? Has Aria forgiven Ezra for his epic betrayal? Well, she did consider sleeping over — in a platonic sense, of course. But subsequently made a break for it when Ezra pulled out her favorite sleepover t-shirt, so we’ll let you decide.

Wherein Ali Pulls A Richard Nixon. Quit breaking our hearts, Alison DiLaurentis! Though Ali has put the Liars in a terrible position, we still manage to feel bad for the girl. She seems desperate to keep the truth about her time away a secret at any and all costs and, when Ali refuses to tell Hanna how she got a massive scar on her thigh, we’re desperate to know why. Ali even goes so far as to record the conversation she has with her doctor, instructing Hanna to deliver the recording to the other Liars so they can memorize the latest batch of lies. The Liars are upset — even Emily, who tells Ali this is the last time she’s covering for her. Ali-related sentiment is even worse on the interwebs, where Ali spends her time trolling through Ali-hate feeds on Tumblr. Someone send her a Buzzfeed listicle of the world’s cutest animals or something.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 — Awesome Possum
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Wherein Hanna Learns Changing Your Hair Doesn’t Change Your Life. Hanna’s rocking black highlights in tonight’s episode, but it doesn’t seem to be the liberating experience she imagined because, while Hanna is ready for a change, Ali is not. She’s telling lies like it’s circa two years ago, and making Hanna her chief secret-keeper. Hanna deals with the stress by blowing off Lucas, yelling at Spencer, and shoplifting a killer top. Poor choices, et al. In other news: Hanna is still dating Travis. Though he does not appear in the episode, Hanna does get a supportive text message from her gentleman caller. Enjoy it while it lasts, Trav. Caleb is back in next week’s episode, and he has a new ‘do, too. Haleb are haircut soulmates.


— Do we really believe that Mrs. Hastings is getting this freaked out about landscaping? The question is: is her extreme reaction guilt or fear? Spencer told Andrew that her mother looked into buying a $10,000 security system. Why is Mrs. Hastings so afraid? And why did she snap at the police?

— Toby’s gone on an out-of-town job again? At what point do we start getting suspicious of his long absences being something other than carpentry-related?

— Alison almost signed her text to Emily “A” — coincidence or confession? Also: who signs their texts in 2014? What year is it in Rosewood?

— Are we reading too much into the reference Andrew made to “playing possum” — a euphemism for playing dead? Was this a subtle hint that someone who we think is dead isn’t really dead? Please, let it be Maya! Emily’s love life isn’t complicated enough.

— Is Alison’s scar from her two-year disappearance or could it have happened before that? And how did she get it? Could it have been self-inflicted, as Hanna gingerly asked? As always, we can’t help but wonder if this might be some sort of twin clue. Identical twins have the same genetic code, which means things like scars, tattoos, burns, etc. are some of the only ways in which they differ. Might this scar become an important twin-related plot point later?

— Who was outside of Emily’s house during her conversation with Paige? Might it have been new girl Sydney? Despite her awkward honesty, we still don’t trust her.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 — Awesome Possum
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Other Things That Need to Be Discussed

Shana’s last name was Fring?!

— Mrs. Hastings: "Our nextdoor neighbor was found murdered in our backyard. Surreal doesn't even begin to describe this experience." Has she been to Rosewood before? People get murdered every few months and usually in her neighborhood.

— It was so nice to see Lucas get more to do in tonight’s episode. And we love that he is having second thoughts about tormenting Ali. It shows that the nice guy we remember from Season 1 is still in there somewhere. Boo for Hanna blowing him off.

— Andrew!!! Spence’s brainy friend was back and as charming as ever. (You gotta love a guy who feels bad for a dead possum.) We’re Spoby shippers, but sometimes it’s hard to remember when Spandrew is bantering on-screen.

— Who makes a funeral video?!

— We got some serious feels during Aria and Emily’s heart-to-heart about dealing with the guilt of having killed someone in self-defense. But we couldn’t help but laugh whenever the camera cut to Spencer, who just looked kind of awkwardly grateful that she isn’t part of The Murder Club.

— Our favorite line of the night was probably Paige’s insightful jab to Mona: “Do you ever wonder when you became the very thing you’re afraid of?”

— Ali’s excitement over the new backpack her dad got her just filled us with dread over her imminent return to Rosewood High. Guys, this is going to be bad.

— Don’t worry, kids. No actual possums were harmed in the filming of this episode.

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