Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Pretty Little Liars celebrated its 100th episode with some fireworks, and by fireworks, we mean the blowing up of Toby’s house. In other breaking news: the police have finally identified the chick in Ali’s grave, Mona is winning her war against Alison, and “A” is back (bitches). Oh yeah, and pretty much every Liar got a makeout scene. Here’s what went down in Season 5, Episode 5 (“Miss Me x 100”) of Pretty Little Liars.

Wherein Ali Brings a Ring to a Slap Fight. Can people really ever change? All of Rosewood has been asking this question since Ali’s return to town, and, tonight, many of them seemed to get their answer: no. When Mona confronts Ali in the poorly-lit church, she manages to bring out Ali’s mean girl side. But the answer is more complicated than the evidence presented in Mona’s incriminating and sneakily-edited video of her slapfight with Alison. Though Ali definitely has to iron out some of her more offensive reflexives (namely, of the slapping and name-calling varieties), we genuinely think Ali is trying to be better. We believed Ali’s tears when she apologized to Paige, and we couldn’t help but feel for Ali when Mona sabotaged her chances at a fresh start.

Wherein Emily Kisses Ali — Not For Practice. We love Paily, but it was difficult not to be moved by Emison in tonight’s episode. As part of her Rosewood Campaign of Regret, Ali apologizing to Emily for making Em believe her feelings for Ali were one-sided. Emily can’t help but give into the lingering feelings she still has her first love, introducing sexy times to their sleepover. Which is why it especially stings when Mona shows the misleading video of her fight with Ali to the entire school. Still, Emily is not one to abandon the people she loves. When the identity of the girl in Ali’s grave is announced, Em is right there holding her hand, prompting Hanna to awesomely whisper to Spencer: “Are they together now?” Good question, Han.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Wherein Aria Brews Guilt Tea and Eats Key Lime Pie. We’re glad that Pretty Little Liars is exploring Aria’s guilt over Shana’s murder, but her storyline this season has felt a bit one-note, especially given that it has been so closely entwined with her reconciliation with Ezra, who is probably the last person Aria should be asking for advice regarding guilt. Ezra attempts to ease Aria’s self-condemnation by flashing his finely-toned stomach, complete with his gunshot scar, which seems to do the trick. Or, you know, at least get Aria into bed. We found Aria’s interaction with Jenna more compelling. It’s hard not to feel when faced with Tammin Sursok’s excellent sob-face, even if Jenna’s acceptance of Aria’s chat over tea was somewhat negated by the reveal that Jenna is scheming with Mona, new girl Sydney, and a third mystery character.

Wherein Spencer’s Home Life Goes to Pieces. Toby’s house may have literally blown up in tonight’s episode, but it was the Hastings household that figuratively exploded. In light of the evidence that Mr. Hastings and Melissa killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, Veronica decides to leave her husband and take Spence with her. Spencer takes this (impressively) quickly into stride, telling her mom that they will take care of each other. (Aww.) It probably helps that she has Toby “Pretty Eyes” Cavanaugh to remind her that she is never alone — and for truck makeout sessions. All the Spoby feels!

Wherein Hanna Gets a Heartache Hangover. We’re glad Spencer is keeping an eye on Hanna’s alcohol intake because, if Hanna decides that beer is a cure for heartache, then we could have a problem on our hands. When Hanna runs into a recently-returned (and, might we add, very fine-looking) Caleb at The Brew, she gets super drunk at Lucas’ party. She’s understandably pissed that Caleb didn’t mention he was back in town. His excuse: Travis, Hanna’s current boyfriend, is a nice guy and he didn’t want to screw anything up. Man up, Caleb! Hanna deserves the truth — and we have some lingering questions about Ravenswood

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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— The Rosewood P.D. announced that the girl in Ali’s grave was Bethany Young, a patient at Radley. Does Bethany have something to do with Toby’s mom? Is that why his house was bombed just as the announcement was made? And was Bethany the reason for Mrs. D.’s worried phone call the night of Ali’s almost-death? Could she be Ali’s twin?

— At the beginning of the episode, Ezra and Aria ran into Ali talking to a mystery someone in a car. She claimed it was one of her father’s employees giving her a ride. Was she telling the truth? Either way, is it someone we already know?

— Did anyone else find it suspicious that Ali couldn’t remember where the guidance office was? Is this a potential twin clue? Was this because she had never been at Rosewood High before?

— We’re not sure if we buy the story that Melissa and Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. At this point, it seems a bit too obvious. But they’re definitely hiding something. If they weren’t at the diner when Mrs. D. died, where were they?

— We want to trust Lucas, but we don’t. Does he really have a girlfriend from Phillie and, if so, who might it be? Could it be CeCe? Or is it someone else we already know? And is he officially a part of the “A” Team? We didn’t like the way he was supplying Hanna with beer.

— Who was following Ali home from Emily’s house? And why were they so bad at it?

— Veronica alluded to an “understanding” she and her husband had about never involving Melissa and Spencer in something. What was she talking about?!

— Who was the fourth person Mona, Sydney, and Jenna were meeting?! Could it be Paige? She was also noticeably absent from the gang when Toby’s house went up in flames.

— Did anyone else catch that look shared between Ali and Caleb? Have these two met before? Could he have been the man in the car at the beginning of the episode? Or were they just intrigued to finally meet one another?

— “A” is back! Why was she/he packing up Mona’s lair in the episode’s epilogue?

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Credit: ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless    

Other Things That Need to Be Discussed:

We had so much shipper confusion in tonight’s episode. Travis vs. Caleb. Ali vs. Paige. Hanna and Emily have some tough decisions to make.

— Aria’s right eye twitches every time she gets a text? These girls should probably just get rid of their cell phones altogether, no? Then again, they do need them to send S.O.S. messages. Perhaps they could invest in some walkie-talkies?

— It took us a second to realize that when Toby and Spencer were discussing “re-reading Fitzgerald,” they were talking about Ezra, not F. Scott.

— Um, was anyone in Toby’s house when it exploded? And will Toby survive running into the flaming building?!

— Can we talk about how amazing the soundtrack was in tonight’s episode please?

— The Marins continue to be the best household in Rosewood. We’d definitely want to hang with Hanna and her mom if trying to deal with our parents separating. And Ashley’s treatment of drunk Hanna just solidified her lead in the Rosewood Parent of the Year Competition (fifth year running).

— Jenna’s truthbomb: “I don’t have anybody left. But I guess that is nobody’s fault but my own.”

— Lol at Ali’s “S.O.S. I’m at the church.” text to the Liars. Were we the only ones debating how long Ali can spend on consecrated ground before bursting into flames?

— Best Ezria conversation ever:

Ezra: “Why pie?”

Aria: “Why not pie?”

— Quote of the night goes to Emily’s: “Why wouldn’t you just tell us the truth? It’s so much easier than lying.” Word, Emily. Word.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars’ 100th episode? Did it live up to your expectations? Sound off in the comments below!

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