Castle Recap of the Season 5 Finale “Watershed”: The Fate of Caskett
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Castle Recap of the Season 5 Finale “Watershed”: The Fate of Caskett

Tonight’s finale of Castle Season 5 started off as a bloodbath ... literally. Well, maybe blood shower would be a more accurate description. We saw an innocent girl take a shower, which typically means she’s going to be the victim, but this time, it was the victim’s blood that was pouring through the showerhead. Yuck.

Speaking of yuck, Detective Kate Beckett is interviewing for a job in Washington D.C. and we couldn’t feel more conflicted. Sure, she’s the most badass cop we know, but separating our favorite duo by more than 200 miles is not something we support.

Castle Recap of the Season 5 Finale “Watershed”: The Fate of Caskett
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

The Vic

The red bathwater belonged to “Crystal Skye” a supposed prostitute who we later learn is a Harvard honors student named Erika Albrook. Apparently appearances can be deceiving. This little lady told her neighbors that she was from Texas and they claimed to hear Erika “entertaining” visitors at all hours of the night, so why was she so far away from the hallowed halls of her esteemed university?

Her distraught parents claimed to have dropped her off at the airport to study abroad in Europe, but clearly she never made it overseas.

Esposito uncovered the elevator camera, which showed Erika going to the top floor after making a trip to the laundry room. Despite the fact that her neighbors claimed she was a hooker, Lanie found no signs of sexual activity on her corpse.

So why was everyone convinced that Erika was getting her freak on? Apparently homegirl’s dirtiest deed is buying “intimate sounds” CDs from her local street vendor. It’s gross, but not quite as long-lasting as an STD.

Castle Recap of the Season 5 Finale “Watershed”: The Fate of Caskett
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

The Cover-Up

The detectives uncover a lunch receipt where Erika and a Harvard friend dined in the city earlier that week and when they question the frightened-looking brunette she tells them that she spotted Erika arguing with a man in hipster glasses. After Erika spotted her friend, she begged her to keep quiet about her whereabouts, and Kate and Rick later decided it was because she was a professional hacker, working against some powerful people.

One of her neighbors with a creepy peephole claimed to have seen her typing away on her laptop, but one was never recovered from her room. If Castle and Beckett can find the computer, they can find the murderer.

Risky Business

But solving crime is the least of their worries. Kate still hasn’t told Rick about her D.C. interview, and time is running out considering she just received a glowing recommendation from her harshest critic, Captain Gates.

Knowing she can’t talk to Castle about her big decision yet, Kate confides in her bestie Lanie. As much as she wants this opportunity, she feels conflicted about leaving Castle behind. And despite the fact that they’re absolutely perfect for each other, Kate mentioned that they’ve never discussed where they’re headed. DOWN THE AISLE IS WHERE YOU SHOULD BE HEADED, KATE BECKETT!

Castle Recap of the Season 5 Finale “Watershed”: The Fate of Caskett
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

You Can’t Handle the Truth

The detectives tracked down Erika’s computer and linked her IP address to the server at a major law firm, Banks & Bower. Unfortunately, the lawyers claimed not to know Erika, but they were able to track her hacking from the early hours of the morning.

She was then linked to a former employee of the law firm who matched the description of the man she argued with in the street, but when Beckett and Co. burst down the door, they found him hanging from the ceiling.

Apparently he had been dead the day before Erika, and according to the times on a G-Chat, the man’s killer lured Erika to the roof of her own apartment building when her partner in crime was already dead.

All signs point to the law firm, but how is Erika connected to it? Apparently one of her best high school friends, Pamela Bonner, interned there before dying in a car accident after a holiday party. Reports said she was driving drunk in heels, but Erika never believed the story.

More clues could be found on Erika’s laptop if only ... wait a sec! She totes hid it in the laundry room before heading up to her rooftop doom. Ryan and Espo uncover it, and have a touching moment when Ry Ry finally reveals that he’s having a baby. Dawww!

Crumbling Caskett

We’re intrigued, really we are, but can we please get back to the fate of Caskett? The mystery writer uncovers Beckett’s boarding pass to D.C. and when she tells him about the job interview he freaks.

Sure, it’s angst central at Casa de Castle, but that doesn’t mean homie doesn’t have a point. If these two are supposed to be in a committed relationship, shouldn’t Kate be including Rick in her major life decisions? Is this just her way of saying she ... DOESN’T WANT TO BE WITH HIM?!?! BRB, we’ll spend the next few minutes sobbing into Alexis’s ginger hair, which apparently is headed overseas for a six-week trip (YOU CAN’T LEAVE HIM NOW).

Castle rolls out and the next morning, Beckett has to make her own coffee — the horror! Things get worse when Rick turns to Martha for guidance and she questions if Castle ever thought his relationship with Beckett would work. Is that why he’s taken so long to court her and is willing to run at the first sign of trouble? Umm, clearly you don’t remember this Greek God standing with Kate when she was on top of a bomb a couple weeks ago!

Kate seeks counsel too with her father, but she’s more confused than ever. She continues to say that she doesn’t know what she and Castle have, if it’s “real,” and we continue to smack our heads into the walls while caffeinated tears stream down our faces.

Castle Recap of the Season 5 Finale “Watershed”: The Fate of Caskett
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Suspects in High Places

After tracing phone and computer records, the detectives think that politician Collin Rigsdale III was in the car with Erika’s bestie, Pamela, the night she died. When they confront Collin, he looks a bit shifty-eyed for Beckett’s taste and though his alibi checks out, she’s convinced he got someone else to do it.

Apparently Collin’s half brother, Martin, was one of the hotel’s guests from the original investigation, and the boys book him quickly. Kate Beckett tries to interrogate him, but it turns into a trip down memory lane that ends in an emotional walk around the 12th Precinct. The killer confesses to the crime, but that’s the last thing on Kate Beckett’s mind when she leaves the room.

The End of the Beginning

Kate calls up Castle and they meet on the swing set where so many turning points in their relationship have happened. Castle tells Kate that he wants more, and we sob, waiting for their relationship to officially be over.

Then when we think Caskett has taken its last collaborative breath, Rick gets down on one knee and takes everyone (especially Beckett’s) breath away.

Naturally, the screen went dark and we cried out in anguish as Season 5 of Castle ends with no definitive answer from Kate, who moments before had been set on moving to Washington and accepting the dream job.

What did you think of tonight’s emotional finale? Tell us below!

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