Glee Recap: Season 5 Premiere: “Love, Love, Love” — Kurt and Blaine Engaged!
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Glee Recap: Season 5 Premiere: “Love, Love, Love” — Kurt and Blaine Engaged!

Gleemania is back! It’s been a hard day’s four-months’ night without the show, but we’re better, better, better, since Glee is all you need. Tonight's Season 5 premiere starts things with a bang, as we get new couples, tons of Beatles tunes, and the Klaine-gagement that still has a bawling like a baby. Best Glee season premiere ever? It just might have been!

Indeed, it’s time for our recap of Season 5, Episode 1: “Love Love Love,” so grab the latest issue of Manny Pedi magazine, help yourself to a free Lexus, and please stay away from large buckets of rancid meat.

We’re Falling in Love With Klaine Over and Over Throughout Eternity

We’re just gonna go ahead and cut right to the chase by recapping the last scene first! C’mon, that’s what we all really want to talk about, right? So what did you think of Kurt saying yes (!) to Blaine’s proposal? Because if you ask us, there is now no doubt at all that Klaine is meant to be together forever. As if there ever were any doubt.

Like, did you hear Blaine’s proposal? OMG! There’s no way anyone could have said no to that proposal: It was seriously the greatest speech in human history (with apologies to the Gettysburg address). We’re pretty sure that the most repellant guy in the world could have proposed to us with that speech say, Kim Jong-Il or David Hasselhoff and we still would have said yes. (Okay, maybe we wouldn’t have said yes to David Hasselhoff.)

So will this engagement actually stick? We’re betting yes. After the show didn’t go through with the Finchel engagement (sob!), we can’t imagine them cutting a second engagement short in the same way. Right? Please say we're right.

Glee Recap: Season 5 Premiere: “Love, Love, Love” — Kurt and Blaine Engaged!
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Old Ladies From Florida Always Get the Shaft

Okay, apparently stuff happened to other characters in this episode, too. Rachel has an all-too-brief Funny Girl audition, with everyone thinking she’s too young for the role of Fanny. Luckily, the silver lining is that this leads to an ah-may-zing diner performance between Rachel and Santana at their new place of employment to impress the show’s director. More duets from them, please!

We got a few big surprises this week, between Kitty and “Arthur” becoming a full-fledged couple but couldn’t Glee think of a more original place for their first date than a (yawn) carnival? and Sue needing glee to win Nationals so she can keep her job as principal. We can’t wait to see Sue and her “Beck-retary” at work!

And our favorite non-Klaine subplot was seeing Blaine helping Tina, as they solidify themselves as our current favorite pair of besties. (Okay, fine Rachel-Kurt will always be our favorite besties. But Blaine-Tina is up there.) And are we headed to a Tina-Sam romance, now that they’re headed to prom together? We’re not in love with that pairing yet, but we’re eager to be proven wrong.

Glee Recap: Season 5 Premiere: “Love, Love, Love” — Kurt and Blaine Engaged!
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Our Favorite Scene of the Week

For our first “Favorite Scene of the Week” Award of Season 5, we’re actually not picking the Klaine-gagement. That’s right, Klainers: We just can’t do it. You should know that, if there’s ever a scene where Burt Hummel even so much as shows up, he’s basically guaranteed to have our best scene of the night.

And Burt did a lot more than show up tonight, with his extremely emotional speech about wanting a little more time with Kurt’s mom. This definitely made us tear up, as it held extra resonance with Cory Monteith’s recent passing. But Blaine’s proposal was definitely our runner-up for the best scene. And Rachel and Santana on the counter was a solid third place. We just hoped they wash the counter before people eat on it again.

So is this our favorite season premiere ever? We’re not sure, but it definitely could be near the top. Just the mere thought of Kurt and Blaine finally smiling in each other’s presence is enough for us, and we love that Santana and Rachel are co-workers. Sure, the Sue stuff and Kitty-Artie is a little meh, but even those storylines had their perks tonight. And how do we criticize an episode that let's us see the Dalton blazers again not to mention Sebastian?!

All in all, an amazing start to the season, and now we can’t wait for Demi Lovato next week! In the meantime, we're going to listen to Blaine's proposal on repeat for the 30-40 hours and pretend he's saying it to us. Please don't disturb us.

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