True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 4 — “At Last”
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True Blood

True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 4 — “At Last”

If there was ever an episode of TV that deserved – nay, demanded – the term “OMG,” it was episode of four from the sixth season of True Blood. Aptly titled “At Last,” more secrets were revealed than at a tween slumber party. Those who have been complaining that the show has lacked a bit of excitement are eating (or rather draining) their words. Not only was the show packed with supernatural fights but we saw more skin than a year’s subscription to Playgirl.

Ben is Warlow, Warlow = Ben

The show started off with a huge bang when a stunned Jason Stackhouse laid on the couch, seeming as though he might be this season’s highly anticipated death. Sookie left the room and Ben bared his fangs – a faerie with fangs, people! – and gave Jason his blood. We were treated to a gratuitous shot of a shirtless Jason doing pull ups (watch out, Alcide!), as he was all hopped up on vamp blood.

Later, Jason and his faerie grandfather put two and two together and realized Ben was Warlow and the information blew them away. As Grandpa said, “He’s a vampire who walks in daylight!” Alas, his and Jason’s plan to take Ben out as he entered the shower (shirtless men everywhere, ladies!) went over like a led balloon. Warlow/Ben drained Grandpa and glamoured Jason, who left none the wiser (ain’t that the truth).

A Star Was Born (Well, At Least a Baby Vamp)

You could cut the sexual tension between the governor’s daughter, Willa, and Eric Northman with a knife. Despite being set free by Tara, Willa waited for Eric to come get her. In yet another jaw-dropping moment, he turned the naive virgin into a vampire. She emerged feeling electric, only to be deflated when she found out the real reason he turned her – so she could return home to Daddy, Governor Truman Burrell, and prove that vamps aren’t all bad. That plan, as nearly all the other during this episode, was foiled when she got a whiff of her daddy’s blood, and all hell broke loose. Daddy’s bed partner (oh yeah, btw, that’s Sarah Newlin) shot her in the back with one of the newfangled vamp bullets. We are dying to see where this storyline goes.

Before the grand baby vamp reveal, Sarah told the governor she had some news, so we’re guessing it’s a pregnancy bombshell!

True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 4 — “At Last”
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

A Faerie Feast

All hell broke loose when a seemingly calm Bill Compton lured Sheriff Andy Bellefleur’s now-teen faerie daughters into his home so he could tap their blood for a TruBlood synthesis. The best scene was when they transformed from little girls into teens and decided they needed to take advantage by comparing boob size and going out to drink beer and find boys. Duh.

This storyline started out rather comical, with Jessica bating them in by flattering them about not having names. “That’s so fucking cool,” the gorgeous, redhead vamp gushed. It didn’t take much to get them back to Bill’s mansion but what started out as a rather funny part of the show got dark...very, very dark...when a well meaning Jessica tried to block them from leaving. She caught a sniff of their oh-so-irresistible honey scent and drained each and every one of them. The room was filled with dead faeries (or at least we think they’re dead) when a disappointed Bill re-entered the room.

Vampire Bitches

Tara and Pam continued to bitch about everything under the sun – er, darkness – including the fact that, despite Pam’s unhappiness with Eric, she should have still brought Willa to him. Tara decided she didn’t need to hear this sh*t and, just as she was about to ditch out on her maker, Pam was taken down by the Anti-Vampire Society.

Sam Went to See a Man About a Horse

We’re still kind of reeling from the fact that the werewolves (who we assumed were good deep down) killed every vampire rights activist that visited their compound except Nicole Wright, who, despite being severely bitten, escaped by jumping on the back of Sam Merlotte. We should explain – Sam shifted into the majestic equestrian creature before her eyes, which nearly popped out of her head.

Later, as they both drank whiskey and got teary-eyed over losing their loved ones, they began to kiss. It seemed rather inappropriate but who are we to judge.

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

We all knew the infamous Sookie/Ben/Warlow hookup was coming (sounds like a threesome, eh?) and, while trying to poison his food with silver didn’t seem to have the desired effect, they still began to get down and dirty. It’s safe to say he was shocked when she pulled out her ball of faerie fire and revealed she knew he was Warlow!

There were some great one-liners throughout the night, with Pam telling Tara, “I smell you from here.” We also loved when Willa told Eric, “I’m a virgin...pretty much.” Of course, the best line of the night had to be when Jason approached Grandpa to talk about his gay dream about Ben and said, “You’re kind of a straight kind of faerie.”

Despite the laughs, though, this show was easily the most intense episode True Blood has put out for a long time, and we can’t even wait for next week. How about you?

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