True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 6: “Don’t You Feel Me”
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True Blood

True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 6: “Don’t You Feel Me”

The writers are not taken their feet off the pedal with True Blood Season 6. Season 6, Episode 6: "Don't You Feel Me" continued the momentum from last week. Catch up on all the thrilling action with our recap!

When last we saw Sookie Stackhouse, Lafayette was doing his darndest to drown her in a river. Of course, it wasn’t his fault — the dude was acting under the thrall of her totally murderous ghost-father. This week picks right back up where we left off: Sookie gargling pond scum. Normally I don’t advocate drowning anyone, but if said drowning ends with Warlow rescuing a person, all wet and dreamy-like ... I am okay with it every day of the week. He offers less sexy assistance as well, banishing Sookie’s dad from Lafayette’s body, giving her the opportunity to to kick daddy to the curb once and for all. Cue up that sad-ghost-walking-away music!

Back at Vamp Camp, Eric and Pam defy the wishes of their captors by killing the guards with guns pointed at them instead of each other. Aw, sire-bond for life! The glass busted in the process allows Eric a clear view of Steve Newlin. You can bet he won’t soon forget the dude’s involvement in this scheme. Oh Newlin. Hate the player, Northman, not the game.

With Sookie safe, Bill summons Warlow to return to him with his Billith-type powers. As Warlow sits there vomiting up his insides, Sookie transports him to an alternate faerie reality where he will be safe, and his abs prominently showcased in glowing summer light. Bill is annoyed. He also realizes Jessica is gone. After, like, what? Eight years? Good to see he’s bringing his A Game.

After throwing a Billy-fit, he compels Takahashi to put him into a coma so that he can talk to Lilith. This goes as well as you’d expect in other words, not well at all. They bicker and Lilith speaks in riddles. What a waste of a coma.

In the magical glowing faerie realm, Warlow asks Sookie to tie him up. He is worried that when darkness falls he will go bananas for Sookie’s yummy faerie blood. He tells her he can’t be trusted around her at night if he hasn’t already fed. Sookie then ties him up with some tree branches and everything is ridiculously sexy. As they wait for the sun to set, Warlow continues to be The Perfect Man, telling Sookie not to blame herself for her parents’ hatred. This is a bit undermined when his fangs pop out and Sookie realizes that in order for them to have a future together, she’ll have to become a vampire.

True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 6: “Don’t You Feel Me”
Credit: HBO/John P. Johnson    

In Shifter-Werewolf land, Alcide, still on the hunt for Sam, goes to see his dad, who is currently entertaining a naked hooker wolf feasting on a bucket of chicken. Can you say class? He directs Alcide to the room where Sam, Nicole, and Emma have been staying. When it turns out that they’ve shown up too late, Alcide goes on the hunt again, telling his dad to stay put. Still no love lost there.

Back in Bon Temps, Andy Bellefleur and his daughter, Number Four, have an adorable heart to heart. With some help from Holly, she asks Andy for a name. They settle on four of them: Adeline-Braylin-Charlaine-Danica. This way, the poor half-fairy will never forget all her recently deceased sisters.

Lafayette has recovered well from the day’s adventures, having a nice relaxing evening with his mumu, his blunt, and his glue gun. Until Terry shows up with the key to his safety deposit box. Lafayette doesn’t know that Terry’s planning on offing himself, but he absolutely smells a rat, and calls Arlene to tell her that something’s up. Arlene quickly figures out that Terry is suicidal, but she has no idea he’s hired someone to do the actual killing at his behest. Holly, being one smart witch, suggests that they get a vampire to compel Andy to forget his desire to take his life. This would be brilliant, except for the fact that compelling Terry won’t also compel the dude he’s hired to do the dirty work. So basically, this is a giant disaster.

In Vamp Camp, things have not been going well for Eric, who's locked in a tiny cage as the Governor toys with him. Nora is wheeled in and injected with a fatal stream of of a virus designed to kill vampires. Then, as if that weren’t enough, her prone, dying form is propped in front of Eric so that he's forced to watch her suffer.

We see the Governor’s softer side when he goes to visit Willa, who has requested to be put into the "general population." He is clearly having an impossible time rationalizing who his daughter is now. He can’t love her as a vampire he can only love the idea of her cured. She demands to be treated like the rest of her kind. He agrees to put her in with the rest of the vamps.

True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 6: “Don’t You Feel Me”
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

Awake from his coma, Bill learns that the Governor has partnered with Tru Blood, which makes it clear that he’s the man who’s got Bill’s prodigy on lockdown. Bill demands the synthesized faerie blood from Takahashi and takes the risk  And it works! Bill is now a friend of daylight. In other words, it’s on.

Back on the run in shifter werewolf land, Nicole has had it with Sam’s plan she thinks Emma should go back to her grandmother. Sam seems to have taken what Nicole said to heart. Emma’s grandma has been summoned, and Sam is ready to hand her over, provided grandma doesn’t go back to her pack. It isn’t an easy choice for Sam, and he and Emma share a tearful goodbye. Emma is probably just tearful because her grandmother won’t let her buy the Funions she really wants.

This handoff doesn’t stop Alcide from finding Sam and raging about Sam handing off members of Alcide’s pack. Being the alpha has changed the A man, and not for the better. He knows it’s true, and lets Sam and Nicole hit the road without trying to kill them. Of course, he makes a lot of ominous threats in lieu of actual harm, but still Sam Merlotte lives, and that’s good enough for me.

Jason has done his best to get recruited to the LAVTF so that he can rescue Jessica, but his scheme to get into the belly of the vampire torturing beast is thrown into disarray when Sarah Newlin makes an appearance to sign off on the new recruit. Jason tells Sarah he will have no problem blackmailing her if she gets in the way of his plan, but Sarah’s not going to let Jason off the hook. She arranges a “copulation study,” where poor Jessica and some hot, long-haired vampire are forced to bone in front of a glass window, and all while Jason is forced to look on. The hot dude seems like a decent man, and refuses to rape Jessica. This makes the vampire torturers zap him with daylight until Jessica caves. But fabulous James (he, the vamp of the long hair) will not give in, even if Jessica’s self-loathing has her feeling she deserves no better treatment. Eventually the torturers give up, and send Jessica back to her cell.

You know what’s terrible? Watching Terry Bellefleur being happy and healthy and having a great day not remembering that he has paid a man to kill him and help him escape from the misery he doesn’t even remember he was suffering. You know what’s even more terrible? TERRY BEING SHOT AND KILLED. I can’t even deal. I can’t even deal. The time has come for me to lay down on the floor in the dark listening to Adele.

With such sadness it’s hard to find silver linings. Like you, I was pretty much bellowing, “WHAT ELSE COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN IN THIS EPISODE?” A lot, actually.  

What we need after losing a character we love is something to root for, and Bill Compton swanning into the Governor’s garden, killing all his security guards, and then decapitating the man responsible for the vampire genocide was pretty root-worthy. Also good? Eric finally managing to get himself and his progeny out of the camp without help from the all-powerful Billith. Maybe even better? Sookie untying Warlow and asking him to feed on her and then her feeding right back on him, before bouncing sexually upon his member. The times in True Blood land, they are a-changin’, and like all change, it’s scary, exciting, and just leaves us wanting more.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below!

07.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Stokes
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