Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9 Finale: Did [SPOILER] Make It Through the Storm?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9 Finale: Did [SPOILER] Make It Through the Storm?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finally came to a thundering close tonight with Season 9, Episode 24: "Perfect Storm", and we don’t know about you, but we’re emotionally exhausted. During the nerve-wracking hour, two relationships ended, one started, and one... well, we’re not quite sure where they stand. Oh, and one beloved doc’s life hangs in the balance. Cue the tears.

But let’s take it back to the beginning. The finale starts off five hours earlier. Earlier than what? We don’t know, but Ethan and his dad are getting moved to another hospital, per Owen’s request. Cristina wants to know if Owen was planning on telling her he wanted to adopt Ethan. Nah, he wasn’t — and Cristina is ready to argue, until she gets a page that Meredith is in labor. She runs to be with her while Derek goes to find Connie, the OB.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s all set for her first surgery back after the Staph scare… or is she? Nope, it turns out she’s not quite ready yet, despite the fact that her husband, Ben, even volunteered to be the anesthesiologist so he could be there for her. Instead of operating, Callie sends Bailey off to start prepping for the storm and Richard takes over.

The ER is super hectic as storm victims begin rolling in, and Owen and Jackson are working with Fred, the guy in charge of making sure the hospital makes it through the storm. Fred reassures them everything will be fine as Callie admires April’s engagement ring and advises her to pin it to her scrub top so she doesn’t lose it when she has to take it off during surgery.

Speaking of rings, where’s Arizona? Oh, there she is… getting dressed after having sex with Lauren, who’s a lot less disturbed about this whole thing than Arizona is. The tiny human ward is in complete disarray, and Arizona tells Jo, Alex, and Stephanie to keep their parents happy.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9 Finale: Did [SPOILER] Make It Through the Storm?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

In another room, Meredith’s still working on delivering her tiny human, except there’s a small problem – the baby’s coming out face first, which means a C-Section is in order. Meredith’s not crazy about the idea, and she’s even less crazy about the idea when the power goes out and her routine surgery becomes a routine surgery in the dark. Cristina’s gotta leave when Richard needs her help in the OR, and she leaves Shane in her place.

Back in OB, Arizona’s realizing the baby vents are hitting low battery status one by one, and there are no spare batteries around — uh oh. She tells the other doctors to stay calm while she and Alex go hunting for spares in a closet, where she confesses to him that she cheated on Callie, and she’s the worst person. Alex chimes in with a confession of his own: he’s in love with Jo, but can’t tell her, because he turns everyone he loves into crazy people.

The lobby is also a mob scene. Matthew arrives after his ambulance stalls out and offers his help. Bailey’s about to ask Callie for directions on what to do next when a bus on the road outside flips over and catches fire. And as everyone rushes outside to get the passengers out, they smell gas and realize the bus could explode any second.

Meanwhile, McBaby has made his way into the world, but his stats are low since he’s a bit early. Meredith’s scared, but when the baby finally cries for the first time and Derek holds him up so Meredith can see him, we may have teared up. May have. Derek heads to the NICU with the baby and Brooks and Shane stay with Meredith. Connie, Meredith’s doctor, gets called to help another patient, so Shane has to finish up Meredith’s sutures himself.

When Derek arrives in the NICU, Arizona is trying to make a back-up plan to keep the babies from dying if all their vents go out. The only thing left to do is to move the babies to a manual ventilator as the batteries die, which seems like it could work for now… well, ‘til one of the tiny human makers realizes that red light on his baby’s vent means the battery is dying. So much for keeping calm and acting natural.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9 Finale: Did [SPOILER] Make It Through the Storm?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Bailey is unable to get to the medicine the patients in the ER need because the drawers don’t open without computer access, which is made impossible by the power outage. Owen and Jackson are working to get a girl out of the bus, but she’s stuck and she’s worried about her young daughter who she can’t find.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Shane’s about done with Meredith’s sutures when he finds bleeding that isn’t coming from her uterus. It looks like when she took her fall, she hurt herself and didn’t realize it because of the pain from her contractions. Shane has to find the source of the bleeding before Meredith bleeds out, and when he finds it, she tearfully talks him through the operation as much as she can before she loses consciousness from the anesthesia. She tells him if she arrests for longer than 9 minutes, let her go – she does not want to be a vegetable. She also asks him to tell Derek the baby’s name, but she’s out before she can tell him.

Back in the NICU, the parents are rioting now that they know their babies’ vents are dying one by one. Derek gets everyone to shut up and tells them the only solution is for the parents to bag their own babies. The parent’s aren’t too keen on this, ‘til Jo steps in and saves the day, assuring them it’s easy and shows them how.

Cristina’s doing her best in the OR to find the source of Richard’s patient’s cardio bleeding, but it’s dark and she’s panicking about having to operate by flashlight. But Richard talks her through it — she’s just got to listen. She does, and she finds the leak just by sound. We’re impressed! The surgery is a success, and Cristina leaves to check on Meredith.

Brooks finds Bailey and tells her they need her to come help with Meredith, who isn’t doing well and Shane can’t control her bleeding. Something finally snaps in Bailey, and she practically destroys the medicine cabinet trying to get the medicine out. But she does, and she heads over to help Meredith. Yay, Bailey’s back!

Jackson and Owen are finally able to get the trapped woman out of the bus, and Jackson even finds her daughter, who refuses to listen to him and won’t come out. Owen, Callie, and April yell at Jackson to come out, but it’s too late, and the bus explodes. April runs to get him, but Matthew has to hold her back. Since this is Grey’s Anatomy, we fully expected to never see Jackson Avery again, but in a shocking turn of events, he emerges victorious, little girl in hand. Phew. Inside the hospital, Callie checks him out, and April yells at him for going in there while Matthew looks on, pretty confused since he just proposed to her a few hours ago. Hmm.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9 Finale: Did [SPOILER] Make It Through the Storm?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Cristina and Derek wait for Meredith outside the room where Bailey’s operating. Derek tells Cristina the baby’s fine — he even looks like Meredith. Cristina reassures him Meredith will be fine too — she’s survived too much to die now, so she’ll be okay. “She has to,” Cristina promises. “She’s our person.” And she is okay! Bailey was able to save her, and Meredith and McNewBaby will both make it out of this season finale alive.

Richard goes looking for Frank and finds him unconscious in the area the hospital keeps its electrical boxes. Water’s leaking into the room, and Frank’s unconscious – uh oh. It turns out he’s had a heart attack, and they get him out of there to get checked out as Richard apologizes for yelling at him.

Back in the NICU, the power is back and Arizona reminds Alex that Jo did great calming down the parents because Alex is such a good teacher. We have to agree. Lauren interrupts, and Arizona lets her know she’s made a mistake. We almost think Arizona’s going to get away with it, until Callie walks up and realizes Lauren’s wearing Arizona’s scrub top since her wedding ring is pinned to it. And Callie knows exactly what’s going on.

Alex makes an attempt to tell Jo how he feels, and it works – he finally tells her he loves her and make-out time ensues. YAY! We love them together. And since we’re confessing feelings tonight, April goes to see Jackson, who’s recovering from his burns, and apologizes for hurting him… and tells him she still wants him. Jackson reminds her she’s getting married — but only, April says, if he can’t give her a reason not to.

Cristina finds Owen in the on call room. She asks him if he knows how much she loves him, and we have a feeling this talk isn’t going anywhere good. She tells him how much joy she felt in the OR tonight, and asks him if he feels that joy with her. She knows he felt it with Ethan. Will she really be enough for him, without having kids? Owen tries to tell her she’s enough, but Cristina knows how important kids are to him and she can’t give him that. So she leaves him.

Callie and Arizona have a heartbreaking fight, and Callie can’t believe that after everything she’s survived that Arizona could do this. But Arizona wastes no time letting Callie know she wasn’t in the plane crash so she didn’t lose anything like Arizona lost her leg. It’s then that Callie realizes she did lose something — Arizona. No, Calzona! You’ve gotta make it through this.

Meredith, Derek, Zola, and baby are together as a family for the first time, and Meredith decides to name the baby Bailey — how perfect! Welcome to the world, Bailey Shepherd. After her successful first surgery back in action, Bailey wants to go find Richard and apologize to him.

But we find Richard before she does — on the floor near the electrical boxes where he found Frank, and thanks to the leak, Richard’s been electrocuted, and his jacket is fried. He looks unconscious… or worse.

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