American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 12 Elimination — March 6, 2014
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American Idol 2014 Recap: Season 13 Top 12 Elimination — March 6, 2014

Ugh, it's Thursday, American Idol fans. You know what that means: eliminations. We know it's a necessary evil for a show like Idol; can't very well have 11 winners of Season 13, now can we? But even that harsh TV reality doesn't exactly lessen the pain of having to wave goodbye to yet another hopeful.

Last night's show (which we recapped in detail for you) failed to really wow any of the judges, particularly Harry Connick, Jr. While we kind of hope the audience tones down the booing of our someday husband (sorry not sorry, current Mrs. HCJ) we have to admit a few of the critiques last night were harsh with a capital "H."

Also a bit on the hard side was watching the results come in live through this fancy new voting system Idol's whipped up with both Google and Facebook. Host Ryan Seacrest checked in with the country a couple of times last night to see how the Top 12 were faring in the polls and, no joke, it kind of reminded us of high school. Who's popular, who's not popular, get our drift?

Tune in tonight to see who'll be eating lunch alone as the Season 13 Top 11 are officially announced. We're expecting tears from at least two of the three judges. Looking at you, Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

The show starts tonight at 8 p.m. and goes for an hour. As usual, we'll have a live recap going of the whole thing!

Live Recap Begins!

As much as we love Idol, we hate watching results shows. Okay, the drama and suspense are good, but having to see someone walk away from something you know they really want? Totally heartbreaking. At least it was kicked off with an adorable rendition of "Home" by Phillip Phillips starring all the contestants, right?

Drew Brees appeared in a video message to give Harry a little talking to, though — he wants him to be a little sweeter to his contestants. Whatever, we like the opinions that Harry brings to the table... even if not everybody does. The man speaks from years of experience, people!

First group up to find out their fate: Emily Piriz, Ben Briley, Sam Woolf, and Jess Meuse. All three contestants received a little negative feedback from the judges following their performances last night, but we have no idea how America felt about it. As it turns out, Emily's the first to sit in the Bottom Three stools after her cover of J.Lo's "Let's Get Loud" failed to impress the audience, while Sam, Ben, and Jess are all safe from elimination this week.

Next up, we find out who's sticking around out of a group that includes Dexter Roberts, Alex Preston, Jena Irene Asciutto, and Majesty Rose. Majesty's clearly freaking out, so we think she may have expected to be in the Bottom 3, but fortunately, she's safe. So are Dexter and Alex, but Jena's headed to join Emily over on the stools.

After an awesome performance by Phillip Phillips, we get to find out who else will be joining the Top 11. Caleb Johnson is through — no surprise there, since he consistently pulls off amazing performances. CJ Harris is also safe, along with Malaya Watson... but MK Nobilette is in the Bottom 3 for the second week in a row. Yikes! She better take the judges' advice about connecting emotionally with her music, or we might have to say goodbye to her sooner rather than later — maybe even tonight.

Who's at risk of leaving this time around? Poor Emily Piriz, who's busy singing for her life. The judges appear to be in deep conversation about whether or not they want to use their save on Emily, but when she's finished performing, they ultimately decide not to use the save. Sorry, guys — there's a ton of booing in the audience, but if the judges can't decide unanimously to keep Emily around, she's gotta go home. Just the way it works!

Next Wednesday, March 12, our Top 11 will be back to perform "Songs From the Cinema." Good luck, guys!

03.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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