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The Bachelor

This Recently Married Reality Star Eloped With Her Hot Hubby! Who Is It?

There’s just nothing like riding in cars with boys, is there? Especially a hot one you recently eloped with…

This gorgeous, tiny reality star got hitched just two months ago to a man she’d loved for ages, and people were shocked! Why? Because the last time they had seen her, she was wooing and translating another total hottie -- albeit, a much less eloquent one.

Now, the pair live across the country from where they first met, though both cities were on the coast. Her wavy wedding ring is perfect for the surf-loving lady who spent her only solo time with the man she met on TV in a boat or in the water… you know, when he wasn’t buying her the ugliest dress of all time. At least we know she didn’t wear that at her wedding.

Think you need one more clue? It’s OK, we would too. Her TV novio broke up with her after he met her son! Que lastima…

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