Pretty Little Liars: New Recurring Character Will Bump Heads With Emily
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: New Recurring Character Will Bump Heads With Emily

Rosewood is down one of its most intriguing residents (#RIPMona), but there's a new girl in town next season who we're sure will bring a new kind of drama to Pretty Little Liars.

Deadline reports that Miranda Mayo has joined the show in a recurring role. She'll play Talia (cool name!), a new chef in Rosewood. According to Deadline, Talia "gets off on the wrong foot with Emily (Shay Mitchell), and things go downhill from there." Although Deadline doesn't say for sure, we're guessing Talia has a gig at The Brew, since it would make sense that Em might butt heads with a new co-worker.

The bigger question is, what role will Talia play in the story? We're guessing that she's more than just a random new chef. Will she end up being a love interest for Em? (Not that she needs more — between her newly rekindled relationship with Paige and her complex feelings about Ali, this Liar has a lot on her romantic plate). Will she turn out to have some connection to the large mystery? Maybe she knows something about Bethany...

Whatever the case, we're hoping this newbie brings something interesting to the table!

Are you excited to meet Talia, or do you think there are already enough characters running around Rosewood? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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