Glee’s Recycled Storylines: 10 Times the Show Has Repeated Itself
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Glee’s Recycled Storylines: 10 Times the Show Has Repeated Itself

By the time a show reaches its fifth season, it’s no longer easy to constantly come up with brand new storylines week after week. Glee’s writers have proven that. Okay, so not every storyline has been reused yet — so far Rachel’s the only one who’s ever dated a gigolo but then again, that one probably shouldn’t have even been used once.

So, as evidence that you can go home again, here are the 10 most glaring moments when Glee has repeated itself over the years. We all know that imitation is a form of flattery, but maybe it’s a form of self-flattery, too?

1. Love triangle redux: First Puck/Rachel/Finn, then Jake/Marley/Ryder

Let’s see here: Ryder is a hunky, everyman-type football player who at times competes with his bad boy bestie Jake for choir star Marley. Sound familiar? It should, as that pretty much describes Finn and Puck’s dynamic with Rachel while they were still at McKinley. If it ain’t broke...

2. Artie definitely has a type... and she likes to cheer

Glee’s Recycled Storylines: 10 Times the Show Has Repeated Itself
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Clearly, the Glee writers think it’s fun to have Artie dating a cheerleader, as they have made it happen not one but four (!) times. First, Artie dated Brittany, then he went to Breadstix with Becky, then it was Betty Pillsbury, and now he’s hanging out at carnivals with Kitty. Artie must be really into school spirit.

3. Sue hates glee club — except when she loves it

Sue and Schue have gone from being friends to hating each other so many times, we’re getting dizzy just thinking about. Each season seems to start with Sue despising glee, and then she manages to have a change of heart just in time for summer break. Make up your mind already, Sue!

4. VapoRub used in a creepily sexual way

We’re thinking the Glee writers must have had some bad experiences with VapoRub in their past, given that everyone on this show uses it in the creepiest of ways. First, Terry rubs some on Will when he’s under the weather, and then Tina does the same to Blaine in last season’s infamous “Vapo-rape.” Put the VapoRub down, Glee.

5. Will Rachel succeed? We’re going with yes

Glee’s Recycled Storylines: 10 Times the Show Has Repeated Itself
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The next time Rachel faces adversity, you should rest assured that she’s probably gonna come out okay. That’s because every time she looks like the underdog and is facing a big opportunity, she manages to score big, whether it’s in high school, at the NYADA spring showcase (freshmen rarely ever win? no matter), or getting a part on Broadway. Whatever Rachel wants, Rachel gets.

6. Attempting to lose weight leads someone to collapse

Did you know that not eating makes you fall down? Well, you should know it by now, as it happened first to Mercedes when she was trying to slim down, and then to Marley, who collapses during a performance when also trying to lose weight. We just hope this plot doesn’t get used a third time, or we’re going to be the ones doing the fainting.

7. A Cheerio is mean to the glee club, then has a change of heart

First, we had Quinn making the glee members’ lives hell before she became besties with the gang. Then, Kitty was out to destroy Marley and her pals until she, too, came around. Will you be the next one to find her softer side, Bree?

8. Poor Figgins just can’t keep his job

Sue really wants to be principal. In Season 2, she makes Figgins sick and then takes over for him full-time before eventually resigning. Cut to Season 5, where Sue plants incriminating stuff in his office and gets to nab his job yet again. If we were Figgins, we would have requested a transfer by now.

9. When in doubt, kiss the nearest older woman

Glee’s Recycled Storylines: 10 Times the Show Has Repeated Itself
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If you’re an older woman who works at McKinley and is feeling a bit stressed, the best remedy is a kiss from a younger guy. At least, that was the method employed with Shelby and Puck getting together, followed by Emma and Finn's kiss. Granted, Shelby took it a bit further than Emma did, but still.

10. A sexy woman seduces Rachel’s man

Okay, so the “Oops, I’m dating a male prostitute” storyline luckily hasn’t been recycled yet. But Cassandra’s involvement with Brody last season when she sleeps with him to punish Rachel was awfully similar to Santana sleeping with Finn and then using it to break up Finchel. Everyone needs to stop using sex as a weapon against poor Rachel!

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