Have you ever wondered what John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are like as parents? We’re guilty of imagining John being just like his Office doppelganger, Jim Halpert (oh come on, you did too!). Thankfully, you won’t have to wonder anymore!

Just three months after the couple welcomed their first child, daughter Hazel, the new mom paid Ellen DeGeneres a visit and dished about John’s foray into fatherhood, and how she knows her daughter is actually cute —  biased opinions aside!

As far as John is concerned, Emily, 31, praises him as “the greatest dad,” and even calls him, the “burp king.” The new mom goes on to say, “He can just get a beer burp out of this kid. It even surprised her, you can tell,” Emily explains. “He burps her and she’s...taken aback by it. It’s an underrated skill.” Well played, John. Well played.

Not only does Hazel “love” her daddy, but the feeling is obviously mutual. Just this week, John proudly shared Hazel’s first public photo to the world on Twitter, and at the time of this post, has already garnered over 16,000 favorites!

So what was Emily’s reaction to the sweet snapshot? She tells Ellen, “She’s just stinking cute. She came out ready for a photo shoot.” And it turns out, Emily wasn’t the only one who thought that during her stay at the hospital.

“I remember when we were in the recovery room, and this nurse came in — her name was Mabel … and she said, ‘Damn, your baby is so cute!’ And I went, ‘Oh, thank you,” Blunt recalls to Ellen.

“She went, ‘Damn, she’s awesome, she’s so cute.’ And I went, ‘Mabel, I think you say that to everyone,’ and she went, ‘No, I don’t...when I know a baby’s ugly, I say, “You had a baby!”‘ I was like, ‘Those poor parents must know.’” There you have it, folks — straight from the hospital!

Source: Ellen TV