Pretty Little Liars Red Coat Reveal: 7 Reasons It’s Wren
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Red Coat Reveal: 7 Reasons It’s Wren

In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Wren (Julian Morris) went from charming to conniving in approximately zero seconds. We’ve always suspected him of being less than honest, but could he be Red Coat? Here’s seven reasons we think the good doctor is the person behind it all.

He’s obsessed with the Liars.

Wren has now kissed two of the four Liars. Don’t get us wrong we think the Liars are pretty great - but Wren is a 20-something British doctor and he’s chasing around high school students? Not only is that unlikely, it’s creepy. Falling for one Liar could just be chemistry, but two? We smell scheming! This is only the most extreme example of Wren’s ability to appear out of thin air whenever a Liar is emotionally vulnerable. It’s like his superpower.

He was engaged to Melissa.

Being engaged to Melissa is like putting a black mark on your soul (just ask Ian). Even if Melissa is protecting Spencer (and, by proximity, the other Liars) like she claims, we still think she both knows more about Ali’s murder than she’s letting on. Did Wren and Melissa discuss the “A” mystery before they broke up? Could that be when Wren’s interest in “A” began?

He works at Radley.

Radley is an “A” Team recruitment spot, vacation getaway, and HQ all rolled into one. Spencer was there when she turned “A” Team. Mona was staying there when she put in some serious time for the “A”-ers. The Wilden murder even seems to have some connection to the place. Basically, anyone who spends a good amount of time there is suspect, and Wren practically lives there. You do the math.

He could find out about Toby’s mom.

One of the sub-plots in Season 4 has centered around Toby’s search for the truth about his mother. In said search, “A” is pretty much leading him around on a string, sending Tobes clues about his mother’s alleged suicide. If we’re assuming that Red Coat is the leader of the “A” Team, then Red Coat has access to information about Marion Cavanaugh’s death. Who better than someone who works at Radley? Wren could have done his own research into the events of that night with the files and personnel of Radley easily accessible.

He doesn't think Mona got rid of anybody.

In the most recent episode (Season 4, Episode 10), Wren tries to get Mona to open up about her alleged murder of Wilden. When she tells him she did it to protect the Liars, he tells her “I don’t think you got rid of anybody” in a knowing, smug manner. Now, maybe his attitude comes from his assessment of Mona as her doctor he knows she’s lying because he knows her well. Or, maybe, he knows she’s lying because, as the omniscient Red Coat, he knows who actually killed Wilden. Perhaps, it was even Red Coat himself...

He and Mona used to be BFFs, apparently.

In the same conversation, Mona and Wren discuss the trust they had established when she was in Radley before. Mona told the Liars that she never saw Red Coat’s face, but what if she was lying? As her doctor, how easy would it have been for Wren to tell Mona what he needed her to do? “Mona, you’re the one who’s been keeping a secret, and you’re smart enough to know I was going to figure it out,” Wren says to Mona. Did Wren find out that Mona has been helping the Liars?

He set up Spencer’s mom!

We can’t be sure of the extent of Wren’s manipulations, but we do know that he plotted to make Veronica Hastings recuse herself as Ashley Marin’s lawyer. This seems to align with the actions taken by Red Coat this season, i.e. framing Ashley in the first place. And we can’t help but be suspicious of how the timing of Veronica’s recusement coincides with the return of the muddy Manolo. Coincidence? We think not!

Do you think Wren is Red Coat? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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