The Blacklist: Did Red Lie to Lizzie About Not Being Her Father?
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The Blacklist

The Blacklist: Did Red Lie to Lizzie About Not Being Her Father?

The last episode of The Blacklist left us with so many questions after Red’s (James Spader) showdown with Anslo Garrick, and fortunately, we only have a few days left until our questions are answered. But until the January 13 premiere arrives, we have to wonder: did Red lie about not being Elizabeth Keen’s (Megan Boone) father?

We’ve got a feeling he is, but we’re totally open to the idea that The Blacklist is just making it seem like a sure thing before they throw us a major curveball — something they’ve already proved they’re pros at, even with only half a season under their belt.

Here are three reasons why we think Red is definitely Lizzie’s father:

  • We know Lizzie’s dad was keeping a secret from her that he wanted to tell her before he died — and Red went out of his way to make sure that could never happen. It’s totally plausible that the secret was about her real dad, leaving Red looking a lot more suspicious than he already does when anything concerning Lizzie’s parents are concerned. And if Red is her father, for some reason, he’s really unwilling to admit it.

  • Red’s special interest in Lizzie. We’ve wondered since the pilot exactly why Lizzie is the only agent that Red will speak to. He obviously knows something about her that everyone else does not. Could it be that she’s his daughter, and that’s why he’s so set on working with her?

  • Red’s protection of Lizzie. Red doesn’t seem to care too much whether or not anyone else from the FBI lives or dies, so why is he so quick to protect this agent? Family ties could be the reason — and it would explain a lot about Red’s relationship with Lizzie.

Do you think Red is Lizzie’s father? Let us know what you think below!