Red Wedding Backlash: George R.R. Martin Responds — Parody Video
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Red Wedding Backlash: George R.R. Martin Responds — Parody Video

How does A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R.R. Martin feel about all the outrage over the Red Wedding? Well, in real life he actually has some nuanced and interesting things to say about why the heartbreaking turn of events was necessary, but in this hilarious CollegeHumor video, a parody version of the beloved author is a little less kind.

"You know what always makes me feel better? A nice warm cup of coco," says the CollegeHumor Martin in response to some hateful "eRavens." "Oh look, it's in that mug you love and have grown attached to." Cue a mug being smashed because yes, GRRM will destroy everything you hold dear. "It's gone now! You loved it, and I took it away, because that's what I do ... Your sorrow is my playground, your tears are the fountain I frolic in."

Yeah, it may be a parody, but it sounds about right to us ... plus, actor Josh Ruben gets Martin's voice and mannerisms spot-on. Check it out below.

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