Redfoo Gives Himself a 10 as DWTS Guest Judge — Do You Agree?
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Dancing With The Stars

Redfoo Gives Himself a 10 as DWTS Guest Judge — Do You Agree?

Party rock was in the house last night on Dancing With the Stars Season 18. What did you think of Redfoo as guest judge?

It was Party Anthems Night and Redfoo's group LMFAO is known for their “Party Rock Anthem” song, so he was a clever theme-based choice. He admitted he has no technical knowledge, so he was more of an audience-rep judge, ala Robin Roberts.

On the upside, he did keep it positive, and never once did he accuse a pro of phoning it in or tell a celeb he didn’t look like he enjoyed his own dance. (Ahem, Julianne Hough and Donny Osmond). However, Redfoo didn’t offer any constructive criticism, he just said stuff about crabs and pimps and “bling bling,” and he continued a trend this season of judges giving 10s to dances with visible mistakes.

Redfoo talked to On the Red Carpet after the performances, calling DWTS “such a fun show.” He was honest about his lack of ballroom expertise, saying he just knows from his gut when something’s good, including when a routine gives him more energy.

He got his own blinged-out paddles for the Week 6 show, and OTRC asked him to judge himself. What score would he give himself as a judge, from 1 to 10? "I'm gonna have to give me the 10 with the little flashing lights and stuff,” Redfoo said, “because I did what I came here to do, and just be me, and have fun, and give it my all."

So he did what he planned to do. DWTS Season 18 is not done with the guest judges, for better or worse. Ricky Martin is next for Latin Night, and later (oh boy) Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms is coming. She may be brutally honest with her criticism, which some fans might actually appreciate, especially when there’s been so little to go around. Or she might chicken out. We’ll see.

Do you agree with Redfoo that Redfoo deserved a 10 as guest judge? If not, what score would you give him, and what is it you’d like from a guest judge? Sound off in the comments below.

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.