Reese Witherspoon Drops the F-Bomb Pronouncing Cara Delevingne’s Name (VIDEO)
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Reese Witherspoon Drops the F-Bomb Pronouncing Cara Delevingne’s Name (VIDEO)

Reese Witherspoon, Cara Delevingne, Zooey Deschanel, and Kate Upton walk into an elevator. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, no? But this really happened, people, thanks to the magic of May 5's Met Ball in NYC. And the best part about the ride? Oscar winner and America’s Sweetheart Reese’s salty language!

We’re not sure exactly why these four unexpected gals were hanging out — or whether they seem hyped because of the bubbly or mere adrenaline — but boy, is it amazing nonetheless. Cara herself added two pieces of video evidence of the star-studded moment to Instagram today, before quickly removing the posts. Luckily, TMZ captured the footage beforehand!

“I love you, Cara,” Reese says to the supermodel, pronouncing it as “Care-uh” before correcting herself with “Cahr-uh.”

“And if you force me to say your last name, I’ll be f—ed,” she adds.

Ha! Though we totally didn’t expect the bubbly Southern belle to say such a thing, we have to admit that it’s super endearing. Stars, they’re just like us!

From there, Zooey and Kate egg Reese on to say Cara’s last name, which she hilariously pronounces, “De-le-vig-nee.” Eventually she does get it right, and she seductively remarks, “That’s super French, Delevingne.”

And that flirty on-camera attitude doesn’t stop there. “The important thing about a name for a girl is that a man can whisper it into his pillow,” she quips, all but winking at the phone holder (Cara?). We couldn’t agree more, lady!

Now don’t you want to invite this odd foursome over for a girls night? We’ll bring the martini mix!

What do you think of Reese’s funny four letter word moment? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: TMZ

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05.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Lear
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