Brandi Glanville Refers to Joyce as “Jacqueline” on The View — Joyce Responds!
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Refers to Joyce as “Jacqueline” on The View — Joyce Responds!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville just can't stop getting in digs at Joyce Giraud's expense, can she? Indeed, Brandi appears on The View this week and makes it clear that she and Joyce have definitely not patched things up.

Brandi is interviewed by The View ladies during her February 10 appearance and is asked about how things went at the RHoBH Season 4 reunion, which was taped last week. Brandi says that Kim and Kyle Richards do a bit of yelling at the reunion. Then, Brandi pretends to forget Joyce's name while on The View.

"Oh, and what’s her name? I forgot. The new one," Brandi says. Barbara Walters then quips that Brandi's memory is bad because of her drinking. Well played, Babs!

"I think it’s Jacqueline," Brandi continues. Jenny McCarthy corrects her and says it's Joyce, but Brandi replies, "Jacqueline." Uh, does Brandi really think that the whole mistaken-name thing hasn't gotten old yet?

Joyce is then asked on Twitter how she feels about Brandi's appearance on The View, and Joyce doesn't hold back. "She is simply sad & pathetic," Joyce tweets. "Horrible how she treats her BFFs, so nothing surprises me anymore. Backstabber."

Are you surprised that Brandi is still bashing Joyce?

Source: Tamara Tattles, Joyce on Twitter