NeNe Leakes Refused to Tweet During RHoA, Doesn’t “Support Violence or Lies”
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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Refused to Tweet During RHoA, Doesn’t “Support Violence or Lies”

Just because several members of the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta got into a knock-down drag out fight last Sunday at NeNe Leakes’ Pillow Party doesn’t mean everyone who is a part of the show supports what went down. In fact, it seems like the majority of the cast is against the violence and downright awful behavior we witnessed on January 26.

To recap, when Christopher Williams put his hand on Kenya Moore after she got out of her seat, her assistant Brandon stepped in to defend her. Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida, apparently in attempt to stop a fight from breaking out, tried to keep Brandon down but just ended up beating him up, even cracking one of his ribs.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, Cynthia Bailey apologized for the brawl on behalf of her cast, and her pal NeNe was just as appalled by what went down. In fact, NeNe was so upset by the ruckus that she refused to tweet at all during last Sunday’s episode. The H’Wives usually share their thoughts on the social media site as the installment airs, but apparently that was all too much for NeNe last week.

Instead of tweeting her weekly musings, NeNe wrote, “Tune into RHOA 2nite @ 8pm! I won't b tweeting during this episode because I CAN'T & WONT support violence or lies! Enjoy.”

Both Cynthia and NeNe have laid the blame on Kenya for beginning the brawl, and as the sneak peek for the February 9 episode tells us, this fight is far from over. Hide your wife, hide your kids!

NeNe is always very vocal, and even though she had nothing to say during the fight, she was tweeting up a storm not long after the broadcast ended, claiming that in no way can she be blamed for this by stirring the pot with her somewhat controversial topics of discussion at the Pillow Party.

Do you think NeNe has every right to be as angry as she is, or is she overreacting? Tell us what you think below!