Regina’s Powers Are Back! Top 5 Magical Moments From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2
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Once Upon a Time

Regina’s Powers Are Back! Top 5 Magical Moments From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2

Part of the fun of Once Upon a Time is that we never quite know which spells will be cast or which crazy monster will need to be slain. To keep track of it all, here are the Top 5 magical moments from Season 2, Episode 2: “We Are Both.”

5. Sneezy loses his memory and Gold almost does, too.
Sneezy’s biggest problem no longer has anything to do with a oversensitivity to pollen, since, after crossing the line to leave town, the poor guy can’t remember his Fairytale Land self. So why does Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) want to leave town so badly that he’s willing to smash up his shop, Hulk-style, when he learns this? We assume he wants to track down Baelfire, given those maps that Gold had with him. But since Bae hates magic, we think Gold has a bit more self-improvement to undergo before he’s ready to reconcile with his son.

4. Pinocchio decides to stretch his legs a bit.
We can all take a sigh of relief that August Booth/Pinocchio's (Eion Bailey) body is no longer stiff as a board. That said, even though he’s now mobile, he does still appear to be made of wood (unless we just didn't see his transformation). However, we’re very intrigued about what the guy might have up his wooden sleeves, now that he’s out of that bed. Plus, he might be able to leave Storybrooke, since he was never a part of the curse. Let’s just hope that he keeps far away from any open flames.

3. David and Jefferson get to know each other.
If you gotta find someone, you don’t need Dog the Bounty Hunter (or Emma [Jennifer Morrison] the Bounty Hunter) just use Gold’s potion, as David/Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) does to find Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) in a totaled car. We don’t know where Jefferson was heading in that car (maybe to find his daughter?), but he’s clearly up to something, as he only tells David that he doesn’t have a portal. So where will David find one? (Maybe David should have threatened Jefferson with that sword like he did with Regina [Lana Parrilla]!)

2. Regina gives Cora a shove in the right direction
In a Fairytale Land flashback, we see that Regina pushes Cora [Barbara Hershey] into a looking glass that Rumple provides and poor Cora didn’t even have a chance to pack a suitcase full of her favorite feathered dresses and lacy cloaks to prepare for this trip. We have a feeling Cora might be the Queen of Hearts, which means she may have been sent to Wonderland but then we see her in Mulan's (Jamie Chung) pit in present-day Fairytale Land. If Cora still has her magic, Mulan better take cover.

1. Regina gets her magic back so here come the fireballs.
Regina had trouble regaining her full powers that is, until she blows on the book of spells that Gold gave her mother. (Somehow, this particular family heirloom isn’t quite as touching as most people’s.) Goodbye wallpaper trees grabbing people, hello actual trees grabbing people. And since this is Regina we’re talking about, she can’t quite toss the spell book into the fire even after telling Henry (Jared Gilmore) she wants to redeem herself. Who knows what trickery we might be in store for? (Translation: Stay away from trees.)

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