Demi Lovato Talks Rehab and Her Choice to be “100 Percent Honest”
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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Talks Rehab and Her Choice to be “100 Percent Honest”

Demi Lovato has been out of rehab for more than three years and by all accounts is living a clean and sober life. But despite her many commitments writing a best-selling book, judging on The X Factor, and releasing a new album, to name a few — our blue-haired bestie still makes a point to stay open and honest with her many fans.

Now, in a new interview with Nylon (in which she looks amazing, fyi), Dems explains the conscious choice she made to share her personal struggles. It was a decision she reached with her parents back in 2010 when she first entered rehab to address issues including self-harm and addiction.

“When I went into rehab, I deleted my Twitter...I didn’t want to force anything,” she explains. “My parents came in to visit, and I asked if people knew yet.”

Her parents responded that the news was “everywhere” and asked how their then-18-year-old daughter wanted to handle the situation. “We can say it’s a personal time and we don’t have to tell them what you’re in here for,” Dems says they suggested, “or we can just be 100 percent honest and show them that you can get through it and other people can get through it, too.”

Demi obviously chose the latter option and never looked back. Whether it’s through her music, her writing, or her interviews, Dems rarely shies away from sharing less than happy memories from her past. In fact, she’s even okay when an ex-boyfriend does it for her. You’ve got to admire that level of honesty.

Source: Nylon

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