Reign Is Not Historically Accurate, In Case That’s Weird For You
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Reign Is Not Historically Accurate, In Case That’s Weird For You

In an interview at the Television Critics Awards press tour, Reign star Adelaide Kane made a shocking admission: Reign is not historically accurate. The horror!

TheWrap reports that Adelaide, who plays 15-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots, said in a press panel, "this is not the History Channel."

Indeed, Reign is a CW show, and you know what the CW is really good at giving us? Drama and hot dudes.

"I do think that each episode will educate people on what element of history helps our story, and there is a certain amount of latitude in terms of dramatizing events," executive producer Laurie McCarthy added.

We all watched the film version if Pride and Prejudice and know the screenplay wasn't written by Jane Austen. But if this is the kind of thing that ruffles your feathers, you might want to back away from a CW dramatization of really any historical happening.

"Of course we're going to dramatize bits," Adelaide clarified, "How many teenage girls do you know that are obsessed with history? I know I wasn't at that age."

That said, Adelaide has grown a ton of respect for the young queen. "I actually did a lot of research about Mary. I wanted to get to know her as a woman and as a person, and not just a dry historical figure," she said. "She was really a remarkable woman. There is a little bit of literature out there about her personality. she was very witty, charming a very, very intelligent woman. She spoke six languages, she played two different instruments she rode, she hunted."

Young girls probably shouldn't use Reign to write a history paper. But if Nostradamus suddenly turning sexy (he is!!) gets young ladies interested in finding out the real story, the show will have more than done its job.

Source: TheWrap

07.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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