Reign to Put Sexy Uncensored Version of Tonight’s Wedding Episode Online

Things are about to get very hot and heavy in tonight’s Reign. But there’s hot, and there’s too-hot-for-tv. And after the episode airs, The CW will be posting an uncensored, more risque version online.

Reign’s March 6 episode is called “The Consummation,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Someone’s getting married. And that marriage has to be consummated. Before the night is up, Mary, Queen of Scots will have married either Sebastian or Francis. Their intimate post-wedding rendezvous is one of two sex scenes that will be shown during the episode, and the online version will feature a more scandalous edit of both scenes. (The scene above, though also from "The Consummation," is not one of the affected scenes.)

To be clear, there’s nothing R-rated here, just (in the CW’s words) a “more sexually intense edit of the existing program.” The uncensored version of the episode will be posted on The CW’s website the morning after “The Consummation” first airs. That’s Friday, March 7.

If tonight’s experiment is successful, it could potentially change the way networks choose to film and distribute their content. While they’ll still have to abide by TV standard for network television, we could see it becoming a standard practice to film a racier, edgier cut of the same episode to stream online. If the audience is there, why not?

It will all depend on how many people actually go online to watch the uncensored version, of course. If The CW’s online views really do skyrocket for this episode, we just might have a new TV trend on our hands.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

03.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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