Pretty Little Liars

Relationship Recap, Episode 1.2: “The Jenna Thing”

The best part about Pretty Little Liars is seeing the girls hook up with people who you know they shouldn't! Though we love the scandaliciousness of it all, we've noticed that all of this bed-hopping can be really tough to keep track of. With that in mind, we're providing a rundown of which couples are headed for a lifetime of happiness, and which couples will soon be unfriending each other on Facebook! Let the gossip begin!

Aria and Ezra

Where we left them: We get to watch them passionately make out... at Ali’s funeral. Sorry, but on the list of terrible hook-up locations, “your best friend’s funeral” is right below “in the middle of a knife fight” or “at a Dane Cook movie.”

What happened this week: Talk about hot! There was nothing platonic about that make-out session in the front seat of his car! Yet another reason why vehicle ownership has its advantages over public transportation.

Where it’s headed: It looks like Aria will continue to have Ezra as a teacher for the time being, now that her her request to change classes has been declined. Apparently, the school board does not feel that “because I’m too tempted to sleep with the teacher” is a reasonable justification for transfer.

Emily and Maya

Where we left them: They were sharing marijuana, which is a gateway drug, and a kiss on the cheek, which is probably a gateway kiss, too.

What happened this week: Again, we see them sharing everything from mugs full of hot beverages to... well, beds. Emily has really bought into the whole “sharing is caring” mantra. What a great friend!

Where it’s headed: Between Ben’s ill-advised joke about Emily and Maya hooking up, and Maya’s ill-advised joke about herself living in the dead girl’s house, we’re not quite sure who’s supposed to be the lesser evil here for Emily!

Spencer and Wren

Where we left them: Spencer’s back was sore, and so Wren practically started giving her a deep-tissue massage. Fortunately, Melissa walked in before Sean could slip off his shoes and start walking on Spencer’s back!

What happened this week: He might have been smart enough to get into Oxford, become a doctor, and even have pick up a little Latin along the way, but how is it that Wren isn’t smart enough to know that hooking up with his fiancee’s little sister in their family house is not the best idea in the world?

Where it’s headed: This week, Wren not only managed to hook up with a 16-year-old, but also found a way to slip her alcohol at the restaurant, too. So we’re thinking that he might soon be helping her to do other things that 16-year-olds shouldn’t really be doing, like voting in a presidential election, or filing for social security, or watching reruns of Matlock.

Hanna and Sean

What happened this week: We finally meet Sean this week when he’s hanging out with Hanna in her house, and we learn that he’d rather study than hook up. Say what?! We knew that such a guy might exist, but we assumed it was just a myth, like meeting a guy who wears Ed Hardy and isn’t a douchebag.

Where it’s headed: Is his reticence to get busy with Hanna really due to him waiting for the right person, or is something else going on here that’s preventing him from wanting to sleep with an attractive girl? Let’s just say that if we, for example, find out in an upcoming episode that he knows so much as one line from a Lady GaGa song, we’ll be officially suspicious.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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