Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Cast and Crew Offer Up Relationship Scoop!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Cast and Crew Offer Up Relationship Scoop!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premiere almost raised more questions than it answered… particularly about some of our favorite couples. So where's all this relationship drama headed? "All over the place" is a good way to sum up what creator Shonda Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly.

One of the biggest WTFs from the Sept. 26 premiere was April's (Sarah Drew) instant return to her new fiancé, Matthew (Justin Bruening), after Jackson (Jesse Williams) shot her down pretty hard after she confessed her true feelings for him. We totally thought April knew better than that, but Shonda admits she's pretty confused. "I don't think [April] knows exactly how she's feeling," she said.

And as for a future with Jackson? "I think they will find their way back to one another," she added, but reminded us there's still a possibility that April and Matthew will end up at the altar. Oy vey.

Meanwhile, Cristina's (Sandra Oh) and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) split seems pretty permanent, despite the fact that they didn't look very split up last week. According to Sandra and Kevin, they're done for good — although they're finding it harder to say goodbye than originally anticipated. "She keeps pushing him to move on, so I think he's going to move on," Kevin said. "How successful he is in doing that is yet to be seen."

And as for our biggest concern: the fate of Calzona, a couple formerly seen as unbreakable. The premiere left nothing resolved for them, so what's next? Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) says that the pair will handle Arizona's indiscretions on a "very human and honest level." Fingers crossed that this means forgiveness!

What do you think will happen to your favorite Grey's couples this season? Sound off below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly