Remembering Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy — 3 Reasons We Still Miss McSteamy
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Remembering Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy — 3 Reasons We Still Miss McSteamy

It’s been almost a year since the last time we saw Mark Sloan alive on Grey’s Anatomy, and the show hasn’t been the same without him. Although lots of doctors we’ve loved have come and gone, we wish Mark could’ve been one who stayed. We’ll never forget our favorite promiscuous, arrogant, good looking plastic surgeon — especially now that the hospital is named for him.

Here the top three things we loved most about Mark. We miss you, McSteamy!

Mark was a good friend. When Mark first arrived on the scene, he and lifelong best friend Derek weren’t exactly on good terms. But once they were ultimately able to repair their friendship, Mark and Derek had one of our favorite TV bromances of all time. And it wasn’t just Derek Mark was BFF with -- he had a super heartwarming friendship with his former friend-with-benefits turned mother of his child Callie, too. We hate to see Derek and Callie without him!

Mark’s daddy skills. We were just as shocked as Mark was when Sloan, the product of a past one night stand, showed up at his door -- especially as we came to the realization that Mark was old enough to have a teenage daughter! And even though Sloan was pregnant, penniless, and pretty difficult to deal with, Mark gave her everything he needed and welcomed her in instantly. So when Sofia came along, we knew he would be the greatest dad in the Callie-Arizona-Mark parenting triangle we could ever ask for.

Mark’s relationship with Lexie. Despite the age difference, Mark and Lexie always had undeniable chemistry. And even when their relationship wasn’t perfect, they still loved and wanted the best for each other, even if that meant they couldn’t be together. And even though Mark and Lexie are both no longer with us, Slexie will always be one of our favorite Grey’s couples of all time.

What are your favorite Mark Sloan moments? Do you still miss him, even a year later? Sound off in the comments!

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