Remy Ma’s “Still Waiting” For Alleged Plastic Surgery Photos From Nicki Minaj
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Remy Ma’s “Still Waiting” For Alleged Plastic Surgery Photos From Nicki Minaj


Remy Ma wants to see Nicki Minaj’s receipts.

The Love & Hip Hop star is calling out Nicki’s claim in her diss track, “No Frauds,” that she has photos proving Remy got plastic surgery.

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“I’m still waiting on the before and after pictures,” the 36-year-old said in an interview with The Cruz Show.

“This is all me. Every last bit of it.”

Remy also discussed her former friendship with L&HH co-star Rashidah “Rah” Ali and her appearance in the music video for “No Frauds.”

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“I wasn’t really shocked,” she said. “Nothing shocks me anymore. The world we live in, I wasn’t surprised.”

“The only question I had was, ‘Why are you lying though?’” she continued.

“If it were supposed to be a shot, you kind of missed with that one.”

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Though the “All the Way Up” rapper previously stated the “dust has settled” on her feud with Nicki, it’s clear it certainly has not.

Especially on Nicki’s side.

The 34-year-old rapper is featured on Katy Perry’s diss track “Swish Swish” and though the track as a whole seems to be directed at Taylor Swift, Nicki definitely throws some shade at Remy.

“Silly rap beefs just get me more checks,” she says on one line.

Remy, however, is thoroughly unimpressed by the new single.

“Remy’s still waiting for Nicki to drop a diss track on her own, woman to woman,” a source told Hollywood Life.

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“Then maybe, just maybe, Remy will have a little shred of respect for Nicki. But that’s doubtful.”

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