Still Petty: Remy Ma Gives Nicki Minaj’s “Eulogy” on ‘Wild N Out’ (VIDEO)
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Remy Ma

Still Petty: Remy Ma Gives Nicki Minaj’s “Eulogy” on ‘Wild N Out’ (VIDEO)


While both Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have said they no longer care about their months-long feud, Remy is still throwing some subtle shade at her Queens-bred rival.

On an upcoming episode of Wild N Out, the Bronx bomber is challenged to eulogize the “No Frauds” MC, and she doesn’t back down.


In the short teaser for Nick Cannon’s popular MTV improv series, cast members play a game of “Rest in Peace,” in which the groups take turns giving funny eulogies for various celebrities.


Comedian Emmanuel Hudson is the first to step up when Nicki Minaj’s name is dropped, but fans couldn’t allow Remy to walk away silently.


They then begin chanting the “Money Showers” rapper’s name, eventually prompting her to take the mic.


Instead of going into a full-blown diss, she calmly says “Shether” into the mic, the name of her diss record aimed at the star.


While we can’t completely blame Remy for playing along for the fans, this isn’t the first time she’s referred to herself as “killing” Nicki’s career.


When the venomous “Shether” dropped, the femcee appeared on Wendy Williams wearing full funeral attire.


She also performed the song months later at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, telling press she was “just putting flowers on [Nicki’s] casket, she been dead.”


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Remy also brought out veterans such as Lil Kim, Queen Latifah and Monie Love, as well as ladies of the new school like Cardi B and Young MA.


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Wild N Out airs Tuesdays at 11PM EST on MTV.