Remy Ma Blasts Nicki Minaj After Performing at Same Concert
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Remy Ma Blasts Nicki Minaj After Performing at Same Concert


This weekend, the Nicki Minaj vs Remy Ma feud reared it’s ugly head again, as the two rap divas performed at the same concert in Atlanta, GA.

While the ladies managed to avoid running into one another, Nicki’s performance of her Remy diss, “No Frauds” lead many of Nicki’s fans to believe she “checked” the Bronx rapper who chose NOT to perform her own diss record, “SHEther.”


Remy quickly took to Instagram to check Nicki and her fans by proving the Barb only performed the song and decided to “act tough for the cameras” once the Love & Hip Hop star had already left the building.


In the below video Nicki posted to Instagram, the rapper is seen spitting her “No Frauds” rhymes to the large crowd, emphasizes the bars aimed at the Bronx bomber.


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After Remy’s comment section began to fill up with disses from loyal Barbies hoping to get under her skin, the reality star posted a video of her own denying she was present when Nicki decided to get slick.


“I know n—as is not out here trying to act like we were all in the same building and you was acting all tough and hardcorial [sic].


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“First of all, nobody even looks at you like that. Do you know nobody believes you’re tough like that?

“Like, stop! It’s actually painful to watch.”


She went on to share her performance itinerary which showed she and Nicki were set to perform hours apart, meaning Nicki knew she had no chance of running into her adversary.


The itinerary also showed that security was increased to prevent any altercations.


Nicki has yet to respond directly but has been liking comments made by her own fans dissing Remy.



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This follows Remy dissing Nicki the previous weekend at Summer Jam alongside a bevy of female MCs, a move she referred to as “just putting flowers on her grave.”


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