Renee Oteri Defends Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, Has “Nothing Negative to Say”
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Renee Oteri Defends Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, Has “Nothing Negative to Say”

Let’s face it: these days, ABC’s Bachelors can’t do anything without getting flak from the public, the media, and even the girls they romance on the show. Juan Pablo Galavis has been an especially easy target this season. First there was the incident where his “language barrier” led him to call gays “more pervert” and insist that they wouldn’t be good for the show. Then there was an awkward makeout session with Clare Crawley on Episode 5, which made people shake their fists at the way he treated her.

But while his behavior might be objectively questionable in at least one or two of the incidents he’s been involved in this season, Bachelor 2014 frontrunner Renee Oteri thinks everyone should just lay off of the poor guy.

The Top 6er talked to the press today, and E! News reports that the laidback Sarasota resident is coming to Juan Pab’s defense in a big way. "I definitely know him and obviously people are going to write things and say things that may or may not be true, but I mean honestly, you do get to know each other really, really well and I still feel the same about him now that I did the moment I met him,” Renee says of the man who waited the longest to kiss her.

Single mom Renee earned the “special one” categorization at first meeting, after bonding with fellow parent JPG over their progeny. And while it’s been three months to the day since the Season 18 finale filmed, and Renee has heard all the criticism of the rose-doler, Renee calls him a “class act” and declares "I have nothing negative to say."

As for his real life persona, versus the edited TV version we’ve watched since his January 5 debut, Renee has a little more insight on what he’s about. "He's super calming, he's super funny. He's a great guy. Getting to know him, I had no idea he was so funny. He's hilarious."

For evidence of his funny bone, we only have to go back a month to watch that time he walked around the streets of Los Angeles and asked randos what they thought of the guy who’s starring in The Bachelor. It was comedy gold. As for the rest of Renee’s thoughts on him? Since we don’t have hours to spend with him on the beach while clad in water moccasins (just wait till Monday), we’ll just have to take her word for it…

What do you think it means that Renee is defending Juan Pablo? Do you agree with her comments? Share your thoughts below!

Source: E! News

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