Bachelor 2014: Who Did Juan Pablo Galavis Eliminate on Hometown Dates?
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Bachelor 2014: Who Did Juan Pablo Galavis Eliminate on Hometown Dates?

Juan Pablo Galavis had quite the challenge on his Hometown Dates with the Final Four girls. Some of the families were totally chill, like Nikki Ferrell’s, who were set to just send the 26-year-old pediatric nurse out the door and down the aisle.

Even though Renee Oteri’s son, Ben, refused to look Juan Pabs in the eye when he was talking to him (maybe it was those flip flops JPG was wearing?), it wasn’t so bad. Her parents “see the glow” in her when she talks about him, and totally supported their 32-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, her bro got along well with Juan Pablo, and we couldn’t love Renee any more than we already do.

Across the axis,, Andi Dorfman’s dad could not have kicked Juan Pablo out any sooner. He was like “My name is Hy, and you can GTFO” and we can’t really blame him. Juan Pablo didn’t do a lot to impress him, and they were probably like two hours late for dinner, since it took him that long to shoot a freaking bullseye.

In Clare Crawley land, Juan Pablo met her five sisters and a brother-in-law, as well as her mom. It was awkward, with certain sisters (ahem, Lara) not exactly into the idea of JPG joining their big family. So, what happened?

At the Rose Ceremony, Nikki got the first rose, Clare nabbed the second, and it was down to Andi and Renee for the last one. While Andi’s family wasn’t into him, she still managed to get the final rose, leaving Renee empty-handed and on her way home.

While we’re devastated that she might have gotten hurt, we know that she’s fine, strong, and too good for Juan Pablo. We’d say “keep your chin up,” but why bother? She’s better off than all of us combined. On her limo ride away, she only proved more that she is the perfect woman. Adios, Renee, we love you!

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