Renee Oteri on Andi Dorfman’s Best Match: “I’ve Switched From Team Nick to Team Josh”
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Renee Oteri on Andi Dorfman’s Best Match: “I’ve Switched From Team Nick to Team Josh”

The Bachelor Season 18’s Renée Oteri was one of our favorite contestants of all time. Home girl is sweet, GORGEOUS, and just plain down to earth. The previously-single mama — now married and expecting a baby, congrats! — didn’t get as caught up in the drama of Bachelor Mansion as the rest of the girls, and was slow to take sides between other feuding ladies.

So it surprised us a little when Renée said she had not only chosen teams during Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, but that she’d also done a bit of flip flopping between contestants. Who does she like for Andi now that there are only two men left standing?

In a conversation with Spreecast, Renée admits that she was initially team Nick Viall, but now she’s totally in Josh Murray’s corner. “I loved Nick at first,” she says. “But now I’m not so sure.” She doesn’t dish about what swayed her away from Nick, but did delve into what swayed her to Josh. “I didn’t like Josh at first, but now I’m solidly in his corner. I stereotyped him as an athlete a bit, at first, the way Andi did. But now I see a different side to him since Hometown Dates that’s really sweet.”

Renée went on to say that it’s possible her initial dislike of Josh was due to the production. “I never even really saw him talk until a few episodes ago,” she says. Oh those tricky editors!

So there you have it, Renée is Team Josh. Since Andi is reportedly already planning her wedding, we wonder if Renée will don a bridesmaid’s dress, no matter who the groom turns out to be?

Do you agree with Renée, or are you team Nick? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Spreecast