Bachelor Producer Teases Renee Oteri’s Return to ABC — What’s She Doing?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Producer Teases Renee Oteri’s Return to ABC — What’s She Doing?

We reserve a special place in our hearts for Renée Oteri, the sweet yet straight-talking single mom from Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor. We liked her so much we were actually a bit relieved when JPG sent her packing — girlfriend dodged a bullet, amiright? So we’re more than a little intrigued and totally thrilled to hear she may be gracing our television screens again sometime soon!

One of the producers for The Bachelor, Robert Mills, teased her new TV gig on Twitter, writing, “Is @reneeoteri returning to ABC? Stay tuned!” Is she, Robert?!?! Because we would like to program our DVRs now, if you don’t mind.

So what will the hot mama be up to? Renée is currently about five months pregnant with a baby boy, which means she’s a wee bit early to be competing on Bet on Your Baby. The pregnancy also makes us assume we should count her out of the DWTS cast — although the cast announcement is scheduled for tomorrow morning, so the timing of Robert’s tweet is a bit suspicious. Hey, if a pregnant lady can compete in the Olympics, we don’t doubt super active Renée could do the cha-cha with a baby on board.

What else could the mystery tweet mean? The Seattleite is a total foodie, running her own blog on the topic, so she could be tapped to participate on one of ABC’s cooking shows The Chew or The Taste. Dare we say we could also see our gal being a correspondent for Good Morning America, giving us the 4-1-1 on all things food/baby related? Whatever her new gig entails, we can’t wait to get all the details!

What’s your guess for how Renée will come back to our TV lives? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Robert Mills on Twitter