Renly Baratheon Lives! Gethin Anthony Scores Role… as Charles Manson
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Renly Baratheon Lives! Gethin Anthony Scores Role… as Charles Manson

Long live the would-be king! No, Renly Baratheon hasn't been resurrected, but actor Gethin Anthony has scored a new role on NBC's upcoming event series Aquarius — as none other than famous cult leader/serial killer Charles Manson.

TVLine reported the news. This 13-episode event series will be a period thriller, focusing on the cops tracking Charles Manson during his rise in the 1960s. It stars X-Files and Californication star David Duchovny as the lead police sergeant, Hodiak. Friday Night Lights alum Grey Damon was just added as his new partner.

Along with Gethin and Grey Damon, TVLine also reports that Bunheads’ Emma Dumont has been added to the mix as one of the women Manson seduces into his cult-like "family."

This role should be a big change for those of us used to seeing Gethin as Renly. While Renly and Charles Manson are both charismatic leaders, what's where the similarities end. While Renly was essentially a “good guy”, Manson used sex and drugs to dominate his young female followers and eventually lead them to commit horrible crimes. (It's unclear exactly how far Aquarius will get in the Charles Manson story, but it's hard to imagine the show not including the famous Tate murders.)

Are you excited to see Gethin in this new role? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TVLine

06.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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