Get Out Your Credit Cards, Moms — You Can Now Rent Designer Clothes For Kids
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Get Out Your Credit Cards, Moms — You Can Now Rent Designer Clothes For Kids

It turns out Tom Haverford, comedian Aziz Ansari’s character from the popular NBC show Parks & Recreation, was really onto something with his business idea. The budding entrepreneur started his own retail outlet renting out designer duds to Pawnee’s fellow swag lovers, and when we last checked in, business was booming.

Well, it turns out that Tom’s idea was so good, it’s now a reality. The Huffington Post reports that designer rental shops offering swag-ware for children are popping up all over. Today’s kids and — let’s face it — their cash-strapped parents, are more than happy to opt for renting over ownership when it comes to stylish gear.

Momtrepreneur Heidi Lieske started her own business, Borrow Mini Couture, after she shelled out more than $300 for an outfit her son, who was 1 at the time, would wear once to a wedding. The clever mom thought that there must be an alternative to breaking the bank when it came to providing kids with couture label clothing and accessories. She now offers customers apparel from more than 30 top designers.

Although most stores specialize in high fashion, it doesn’t take much to see the possibilities. Every mom has grudgingly bought an expensive outfit only to have it worn once, or worse, never. For example, we recently had the pleasure of being told that skinny jeans for boys are "so over" and that a dozen pairs must be replaced with the plain straight leg variety, immediately. To think that we could have just hopped on this trend and then hopped right off? Somebody hand us our wallets.

What do you think moms? Does renting clothing for kids seem ridiculous, or is it good fashion sense?

Source: Huffington Post

12.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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