The Walking Dead Reruns Will Air Wednesday Nights on MyNetworkTV
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Reruns Will Air Wednesday Nights on MyNetworkTV

Good news for hump day — it will soon host back-to-back episodes of The Walking Dead.

You may recall reading about how MyNetworkTV landed exclusive rights to re-broadcast TWD episodes, with the plan to air a more family-friendly version of AMC’s show this fall. We’re still waiting to hear the exact dates this will start, but Deadline just updated with a look at MyNetworkTV’s fall 2014-2015 lineup. Here’s the TWD section:


8-9 PM — The Walking Dead

9-10 PM — The Walking Dead

So that’s pretty cool. TWD Season 5 is now filming and will premiere in October on AMC, but if you have MyNetworkTV you can also watch TWD reruns during the week. They won’t be exactly the same as the AMC episodes — since they will be edited to meet broadcast content standards and will sport the TV-14 rating instead of the more adult TV-MA — but they may not be too different. TWD actually started with a TV-14 rating but it was changed to TV-MA after the Parents Television Council complained that it was too graphic for the teen rating. We’ll have to see what changes they make. Hopefully they won't be too extreme (or unintentionally funny).

Do you have MyNetworkTV? You might. Apparently it reaches 97 percent of the country. Just head to the official site, go to the local stations link, and enter your zip code to see if a station near you pops up.

Will you be tuning in? Don’t forget to also watch the upcoming TWD full series marathon over Fourth of July weekend on AMC. We never get tired of watching this show!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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