NeNe Leakes Responds to Critics Saying Her Ego Has Gotten Too Big (VIDEO)
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NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Responds to Critics Saying Her Ego Has Gotten Too Big (VIDEO)

Once the most beloved and quoted Atlanta Housewife, NeNe Leakes has seen her share of detractors this season, after she seemingly turned from gamely goofy to checked out and bitter. Some pointed to the cancellation of her NBC sitcom, The New Normal, as the source of her anger and aloofness, but others just say her ego has grown too big for the reality show. But what does NeNe say to that?

Andy Cohen put the OG Real Housewives of Atlanta lady on the spot for a exclusive video, starting off by bringing up the now defunct Ryan Murphy-helmed series.

“What did you learn from the cancellation of The New Normal?” the Watch What Happens Live host pries.

“Nothing. It’s just a part of the business,” NeNe replies bluntly, then switching the subject to focus on her accomplishments. “I’ve been on Glee for three seasons. There’s not many African American women that get to work on major networks at the same time — I worked on two, and a cable network, at the same time… That’s successful. But some people don’t see it as success, and that’s okay with me.”

Though we totally applaud NeNe for her success in the industry so far, it does feel a little defensive — and a touch boastful. And that gives Andy the opening for the following viewer question:

“Do you think your ego has gotten too big for the show? You’re not the same Atlanta girl we used to know.”

“No,” NeNe shoots back. “I think you live and you learn, and the older you get you grow. So obviously I’m not going to stay the same.”

Well, OK then. That settles that. At the same time, she has been on the show the longest — a whopping six years. People do change. And speaking of the old seasons, is there anyone she’d like to bring back (hint, Sheree Whitfield, hint)?

“Um, nobody. There’s not anybody that I would be like, ‘You should come back to the show.’ If you want them back, bring them back.”

Do you think NeNe’s ego has grown too large? And do you want to see someone else brought back? Tell us in the comments below.

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