Brandi Glanville Responds to Drama: THIS Person “Needs to Get Laid”
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Responds to Drama: THIS Person “Needs to Get Laid”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville thinks a certain person needs a little lovin'.

A fan of the show took to Twitter this week to address Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump's drama on the show's recent Season 4 premiere.

"Kyle, if Lisa is petting your head like a dog, you know it's mean spirited," tweets someone from the handle @Randy_Haas. "Why are you allowing it to happen / bitching about it later? #RHOBH."

Then, another viewer of the show randomly took the opportunity to throw Brandi under the bus. "@Randy_Haas sorry dude, but gotta just get this outta the way!!!" tweets @LaGena1976. "@BrandiGlanville is one big #slut this season."

Whoa! That seems uncalled for — and Brandi Glanville doesn't appreciate the comment either.

"@Randy_Haas @LaGena1976 she just needs to get laid xoxoxxoxoxb," Brandi replies to the two. Yikes.

Brandi is then asked why she thinks this. "@LaGena1976 @Randy_Haas people that say things like that are people that don't ever get laid. #cobwebs," Brandi continues.

The next day, Brandi tweeted, "If you're negative, I'm sorry your life is miserable, but get off my Twitter."

So we can't blame Brandi for reacting harshly to being called a "slut," but we wonder if she went too far by saying the fan doesn't get laid. Then again, that "cobwebs" remark is kinda funny.

Do you think Brandi went too far? Or do you understand why she said that?

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