Farrah Abraham Responds to Jenelle Evans’ Twitter Block
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Responds to Jenelle Evans’ Twitter Block

As fighting rages on around the world, the cold war continues between Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, who are not shy about their lack of affection.

Farrah recently added fuel to the fire with some not-so-subtle shade to Jenelle, telling RumorFix, "I would never go find a boyfriend right now, get pregnant, have a second child without a plan."

Jenelle eventually responded in her own way, by tweeting, "Dude... Why in the f—k was my twitter following Farrah for?! #BlockedForever."

RadarOnline asked Farrah about the social media block, and the Backdoor Teen Mom basically yawned at the snub. “LMAO. Why do I care?” Farrah told Radar. “I’m happy she can leave me alone and focus on being a mother.” (Zing) “There are no words [for Jenelle],” Farrah added, noting that she doesn’t pay attention to things like that (unless asked, of course, then she definitely finds words).

Jenelle has been busy focusing on being a mom, to Jace and now Kaiser, and she and Nathan Griffith hope to eventually add a baby girl to the fam. But there’s always time to throw shade at a nemesis, which is what she did by tweeting about the Farrah block. She could’ve been quiet about it, but that’s not this crowd’s style. But maybe Farrah’s “focus on being a mother” shot will be the last word on the matter … then again, do you think that’s likely?

Source: RadarOnline