X Factor 2013: Restless Road’s Celebrity Crushes! Selena Gomez and Who Else? — Exclusive
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Restless Road’s Celebrity Crushes! Selena Gomez and Who Else? — Exclusive

Parents, prepare for your daughters’s latest pop culture obsession. The trio of hunks that make up X Factor 2013 group Restless Road are as charming as they are handsome, surefire crushes for any boy band-crazy ladies out there. Though 18-year-old Zach Beeken, 19-year-old Andrew Scholz, and 19-year-old Colton Pack are currently single we don’t expect that to stay true for long, particularly if these boys take home the Season 3 X Factor crown.

So who would the up-and-coming music stars date if they had their way? It’s a question the recent high school grads have given plenty of thought and, after much deliberation, the three reveal their celebrity crushes in an exclusive Q&A with Wetpaint Entertainment.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Feel free to not answer this unless you want to, but the ladies in the audience would love to know if you all are single.
All three: We’re single.

Well, we’ll see about that after the finale. So is there any question you haven’t been asked in an interview that you’d like to answer?
Andrew Scholz: Ask us who are celebrity crushes are because we never get them right.

Oh okay. Who are your celebrity crushes?
Zach Beeken: I have a new one. I haven’t really seen this show but my sister watched it one time. There’s this actress on Pretty Little Liars. There’s this girl on it. Her name is Shay Mitchell. She is smoking hot. She is really beautiful.

Colton Pack: Mine has always stayed the same. It’s Selena Gomez.

So what were you like when you met her when she performed on X Factor?
Colton: I thought I was literally going to pass out. It was the most amazing moment. It was awesome. Hopefully I get to meet her again in the future.

And Andrew, who’s your celebrity crush?
Andrew: Alright, this whole season we’ve always been asked who it is and I’ve never really had one until we went to the Jingle Ball last week and I think I finally found her.

Zach: He finally found the one for him!

Andrew: Ariana Grande is very beautiful and I never really knew much about her until we saw her live. She’s awesome.

Zach: I second that motion. Ariana Grande is very beautiful.

Andrew: You can’t steal her.

Zach: I’m not stealing her. I’m just supporting your choice.

Surprised the boys are single? Think Andrew has a chance with Ariana? Chime in below.

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