Dancing With the Stars Results: Who Was Eliminated on DWTS Tonight? — May 14, 2013
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Results: Who Was Eliminated on DWTS Tonight? — May 14, 2013

Dancing With the Stars’ results shows are always exciting, but tonight is particularly special. Not only is it the 300th episode of the hit dancing competition, but it’s the second-to-last Results Show ever! That’s right, DWTS fans — after this season, ABC is condensing the show into one night (à la So You Think You Can Dance) to drive viewership to the two-hour block on Mondays. Basically, celebrate two nights of our favorite show while you still can!

But on to the results. We have a feeling that Ingo Rademacher is going to go home, but there could be a shocking twist with one of the Leaderboard toppers getting eliminated. Before making your predictions, be sure to check out our recap (and all of the performances) from last night! Surprisingly, season-long leaderboard toppers Zendaya and Kellie both found themselves in the middle of the pack this week, putting them both on the list of potential shocking eliminations.

Also, don’t forget that tonight, four pairs will advance, unlike previous seasons in which there was only a Top 3 in the finale. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba hinted that there may be a twist of an early elimination, but we won’t know that until the end of the show. This would be the first time in DWTS history four couples will compete in the Finals.

Before we say goodbye to anyone, the Results Show will feature a two fantastic musical performances. Avril Lavigne will perform her new single, “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” and The Wanted (minue member Nathan Sykes) will make us swoon with their boyband tune “Fill a Heart.” Of course, there will also be spectacular dance numbers, and the 300th episode’s opening number is choreographed by Jason Gilkison with 22 pros, including returning favorites Chelsie Hightower, Dmitry Chaplin, Louis van Amstel and Anna Trebunskaya. Plus, the “AT&T Spotlight Performance” will return for its final installment of the season featuring Sophia Lucia, an incredible 10-year-old dancer who recently set the Guinness World Record for consecutive pirouettes. Whoa. We can't wait for tonight's Results Show!

Now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap the Results Show. And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more, and until the episode starts, remember to...

Dancing With the Stars Results: Who Was Eliminated on DWTS Tonight? — May 14, 2013
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9:00 — Well, this is a dramatic episode.

9:01 — Has it really been 300 episodes? We feel old just watching this opening routine.

9:01 — Although, it's cool to see all of the pros together again. Anna looks fabulous, per usual.

9:02 — This is fun, but is it really worthy of a 300th episode celebration?

9:05 — "You're like a dog with a bone! You don't give up!" — How Bruno describes Ingo.

9:07 — Jacoby and Karina are the first couple safe from elimination! They'll go head-to-head against three other couples in the finals.

9:11 — Aww. We miss Louis!

9:13 — We loved Kellie and Derek's Argentine Tango. We're glad we get to see it again.

9:15 — Umm, Sophia Lucia is ridiculously adorable. Can we keep her?

9:17 — This pint-sized pirouette princess gives Zendaya a run for her money!

9:23 — Can they release all of the first-person footage online? Everyone is too cute.

9:24 — Are Jacoby's mom's 10 paddles available on Etsy?

9:25 — Aww, Aly is a little klepto.

9:26 — Boy bands were very different 300 episodes ago...

9:29 — With that said, we're lovin' The Wanted's coordinated outfits, smooth vocals, and accents. Plus, the song is for such a great cause.

9:34 — Avril Lavigne doesn't age, and we're vowing to never grow up, either.

9:36 — She's usually our guilty pleasure, but we have to admit Avril is one of the best live performers of the season.

9:38 — Zendaya and Val, be more adorable. We dare you!

9:40 — Kellie and Derek are safe; no surprise there. But Zendaya and Val in jeopardy? WHAT THE WHAT?!

9:45 — Sharna and Gleb are feelin' sexy and free. Does this remind anyone else of Center Stage (meets a classic romance novel)?

9:47 — OK, could they be any more flawless? This is perfect.

9:50 — Ingo and Kym in jeopardy. No surprise there. Aly and Mark in the finals, in spite of their slightly-offensive Afro Jazz.

9:56 — Tom, we love you forever and always.

9:57 — Is it just us, or do Ingo and Kym look super alike? How are we just noticing this?

9:58 — As expected, this was all about the drama — we knew Zendaya and Val wouldn't go home. We'll miss you, Ingo and Kym!

9:59 — We need Peanut's reaction. WHERE. IS. PEANUT?

Do you think Ingo should have gone home? Were you nervous for Zendaya? Tell us below!

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